Five Actors Who Should Play Gordon Sondland in a Movie

There were bound to be a few articles such as this detailing just which actor would play what individual that’s currently engaged in the attempted impeachment of President Trump, and Gordon Sondland is just next on the bill. Considering how things have been going with the impeachment Sondland’s part in any movie that might be developed from this mess would need to be someone that not only looked like him but could act like him as well. Thankfully there are a few very worthy candidates that could possibly take over and make this part work, since at some point Sondland would need to be kept as a major part of the production and even given a special moment or two of speculation that might make his role even more important since at this time he’s still a topic of discussion within the matter at hand.

Here are five actors that could take on this role fairly easily.

5. James Spader

He seems more bound to the small screen these days but he’s been able to be a true talent on the big screen as well since that’s a big part of where his fame came from in the first place when he was starting out. But given that this could be a TV movie, it’d be a smart move, Spader could probably sidle up to auditions and make something happen if he really wanted to. Like any character that’s being listed though it would all be a matter of who wants the part more and who would want to stay away from it for personal or political reasons. It’s very possible that some actors tend to shy away from certain roles thanks to their own ideals.

4. Stanley Tucci

Stanley just seems to go for whatever he can get sometimes and in the process he usually makes it work in a big way that allows him to express himself in a manner that is perfect for the role. As one of the actors that seems to just go with it when he’s in character Tucci is one of those that happens to be a favorite of many people since his personal ideals don’t always seem to get in the way. His style is usually flamboyant to reserved depending on the role he’s taken and as a result we tend to see him playing a very convincing character that is a great addition to a movie whether he’s a main or supporting character.

3. Billy Zane

You might be saying ‘huh?’ on this one since Billy Zane doesn’t seem to do a whole lot these days. He’s still acting to be honest but he doesn’t get nearly the attention he deserves since he is a great actor and one that specializes in playing villains or controversial characters. Billy might not be the perfect fit but it would still be interesting to see him as an option that a studio might consider. At the very least it would be fun to see his name on the list of hopefuls that might be tapped for a movie involving this individual since he could pull off the look and as an actor he could pull of the mannerisms of Sondland quite easily.

2. Mark Strong

For as many movies as he’s been in and the roles he’s taken it seems that Mark Strong doesn’t get enough attention really since he seems to be passed over now and again when it comes to any significant notice. But in truth he’s one of the most solid actors in the business right now and can play a villain or a heroic figure quite easily. Whether it was his role in Robin Hood alongside Russell Crowe or his stint as Merlin in the Kingsman movies, he’s shown that he has the talent and the ability to hang in with some very impressive names and even outdo a few of them when it comes to who’s better.

1. Corey Stoll

Corey is another actor that feels as though he doesn’t get quite enough attention but in truth he’s been involved in some very big projects such as House of Cards, until his character was killed off, Ant-Man, until he was killed off, and This Is Where I Leave You, where he was a strict but caring big brother and was very convincing. In a big way he could take on this part and make it work without much effort since he does have that capability and he can turn the corner and switch up his attitude despite the fact that he doesn’t have a whole lot of facial expressions it would seem.

Either Mark Strong or Corey Stoll would great for this role, but others would be just as convincing in the long run. The only hard part would be watching anyone acting EXACTLY like Sondland, despite knowing it was fiction.

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