Five Actors That Could Take on the Under Siege Reboot

It sounds as though Under Siege is going to be seeing a reboot eventually, but there’s no word at the moment if Steven Seagal is going to be a part of it or not. One would have to wonder if that goes for Tommy Lee Jones as well since he could possibly return and be a convincing character, perhaps more so as a good guy rather than a villain this time around. But it does stand to reason that a few things are bound to change, hopefully, since while a lot of fans can likely state that they enjoyed this movie, there were a lot of over the top moments that were common in Seagal movies since he was one of the extreme badasses of the 90s and was almost never seen to lose or get the snot kicked out of him that often. That kind of acting was left to other action stars who dominated but still took their licks on a regular occasion. Hopefully, this reboot would show someone that’s a specialist that can and will save the day but isn’t some kind of an Aikido Superman that is capable of doing absolutely everything. 

Here are a few picks for the upcoming movie that might actually work as the main protagonist. 

5. Charlize Theron

Considering that she’s taken to action roles with such aplomb it’s not hard to think that she could fit into something like this with ease since she might actually bring a different level to the story that wasn’t there in the first place. Putting her name down just for the hell of it wasn’t the goal, since Charlize has shown that she can be a hard-hitter in the movies and someone that can convince others that she might be kind of tough when she’s called upon to be so. It does feel that giving her a few allies to run around with in order to keep her, or anyone else, from being a one-person army would be wise since this is kind of where Seagal went wrong in the original movie. 

4. Tom Hardy

Strangely enough, he feels like the odd pick on this list since while he has been a part of action movies, he still feels like someone that’s more accustomed to taking on roles that wouldn’t be quite this specialized. Hardy has built his career on playing characters that are insanely tough, but he’s also shown himself as someone that can play vulnerable and shifty characters as well. Putting him in a movie like this would almost require him to bring up a cross between the character of Tommy in Warrior and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, since he would need to be tough but also calculating and intelligent enough to know his way around his environment. 

3. Michael B. Jordan

It does feel as though Jordan would be the kind of character that would be friendly enough, but when the stuff goes down he might be all business and nothing else. This almost makes him sound as though he might be a cold and calculating machine hidden beneath the surface, but it might also be what’s needed to make this movie work since the quips and witticisms that worked back in the day likely wouldn’t be as well-received this time around. Jordan would be the kind of guy that might make this type of movie pop since he’s shown that he can play a brutal and unforgiving character quite well. 

2. Micahel Jai White

It feels as though Michael Jai White needs to come back to the big screen a little more often, but it’s also not certain if this movie would make it to that level since this almost sounds like something that would be better off simply being turned into a streaming or direct to video movie. That wouldn’t be too bad, but it also feels as though White would be another brutal face to put in this role since a lot of his characters are usually tough as nails and don’t really go in for the wisecracks and quips that a lot of characters still manage to deliver before, during, or after a fight. 

1. Scott Adkins

This is a guy that definitely needs to be seen on screen more often since his ability to choreograph a fight is amazing. His time as Boyka in the movies has been impressive, but his turn in the Universal Soldier movies was also kind of fun to watch since it indicates that Adkins can act and he can put on one hell of a good show when it comes to a fight scene. Putting him in a movie like this makes it feel as though he might actually manage to eclipse the original if he was handed a good enough script. 

That’s kind of the kicker, isn’t it? The script has to be good enough to help the actors make this reboot into something worthwhile. 

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