Three Satirical “The Biggest” Fictional Reality Show Ideas That Would Be Highly Successful

The Biggest Loser

It’s hard to believe that The Biggest Loser is closing in on 20 seasons.  In it’s 17th season I just don’t think the show is going to end anytime soon.  People love seeing success stories and they never get tired of seeing dramatic weight loss on television.   But if there’s one thing I never understood, it’s that we haven’t really seen any other shows with “The Biggest” moniker.  You would think that by now there would have been at least something in that genre that would have taken off.   Shouldn’t the creators of “The Biggest” series trademark this name and expand on their success?

There’s no reason you couldn’t start an entire portfolio of reality shows that feature “The Biggest” theme. In fact I think it would be a fantastic venture for anyone looking to create a new reality show.  And just to show how nice a guy I am,  these three ideas are sure winners.

Though I will say they might have a slightly difficult time actually getting pilots.

The Biggest Juicer

Given all the talk about performance enhancing drugs that have gone on over the last 20 plus years, why not put it to the test?  Pretty simple really. You just take a bunch of athletes and put them on steroids in a myriad of sports. See how they destroy the competition and watch how human beings can stretch the limits of endurance, stamina, and anger.  You don’t even need sports for this. Make a series similar to “Super Size Me” and have a guy go on steroids documenting his insanity, weight gain, and everything else.  Sure it’s a crazy idea but who wouldn’t watch this?

The Biggest Hazer

It’s no secret that hazing is running rampant in the fraternity scene all over the country.  It’s been like this for literally over a century.  But what if it were documented and turned into a reality show?  This would be an absolute hit among the 18-35 male demographic.  Even females would be into this.  People are always asking stuff like”what do they do to you guys?” In any event, you have some kind of party bus going from hazing school to hazing school taping all of the insane things these kids are doing these days.   Clearly this would have to be on cable TV but it would most certainly be a hit.

The Biggest Eater

Instead of The Biggest Loser how about the biggest eater?  Seriously, I want to see who the biggest eater is.   I’m not talking about fastest like a Joey Chestnut.  I’m taking the guy who can take down the most food at a given restaurant.  The show will travel from restaurant to restaurant, state to state, country to country to find out who can devour both sides of a menu.  There has to be someone who can take down 1000 pancakes or something like that.  I would definitely tune in.

Got any other great ideas?  Send them along!

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