Did Fate of the Furious Steal a Scene from a 2007 Short Film?

Did Fate of the Furious Steal a Scene from a 2007 Short Film?

Did Fate of the Furious Steal a Scene from a 2007 Short Film?

Fate of the Furious is an enormously popular film that was released last year. While there are a lot of people that think this particular franchise has more than reached its limit, there is obviously still a very large contingent of the population that feels otherwise, as evidenced by the enormous amount of money the film brought in. With that being said, there might be some evidence that one of the most famous scenes in the film was actually taken from a short film that was completed a full ten years prior to the release of this film.

The scene is question involves the part of the movie where a missile is fired at a car, which the automobile then has to evade with some very unique moves, even to the paint of practically sprouting wings. If the two scenes are viewed together, the one from the movie and the one from the short film, there are a lot of similarities. At first, it seems rather easy to dismiss the similarities as mere coincidence, but as the two scenes play all the way through, it becomes harder and harder to dismiss the idea that one was heavily influenced by the other.

Perhaps the most telling thing is that the scenes play out in almost identical fashion. They are even the same length, with virtually the same things happening throughout the length of both scenes. That is the thing that really stands out, as the missile is fired at almost exactly the same time, the car evades said missile at the same time, and even takes flight over the rough terrain at the same time. Virtually the only thing that is really different is that the scene from the movie involves a lot of snow and the one from the short film takes place in rocky terrain.

Is this absolute proof that the movie found this scene and then copied it? No. There is a chance, however small, that the two are merely almost exactly the same and this happened completely by chance. Do you believe that? If you do, you might believe the scene that takes place in the movie could actually happen in real life, too. In reality, there may not be a way to prove that one is copied from the other, but the similarities are just too close to ignore. The fact that everything happens in almost exactly the same fashion at almost exactly the same time is just too much for most people to ignore.

When it is all said and done, it will probably never be possible to prove that one scene was “inspired” by the other. However, most rational individuals who see the two versions play out will likely arrive at the conclusion that the two are indeed closely related. Of course, you shouldn’t just base your opinion on what you read. If you really want to know more, you can watch both clips, side by side below. That way, you can decide for yourself whether or not one of the richest film franchises in history copied one of its most iconic scenes from a short film that was done a decade ago.

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