By Far the Worst Thing Ever Discovered on Mythbusters

So yes, it’s okay to feel sick to your stomach on this one. But one of the worst episodes, well, the most disturbing episodes at any rate, has to do with fecal matter on your toothbrush. No, I’m not talking about the scene in Horrible Bosses where the guy flosses his butt with his boss’s toothbrush, because that’s flat out nasty anyway. But the mythbusters did an episode concerning the veracity of the claim that toilets send up a fine spray of water that contains fecal matter that can then settle on everything around it. Sounds nasty doesn’t it? I would imagine a lot of people get queasy just thinking about the fact that they might be brushing their teeth with bits of nasty getting scrubbed onto their chompers with every stroke.

Well unfortunately the myth is very real. The guys set up a test in which they had several toothbrushes that were in the vicinity of the toilet and out in the open. They used two of the toothbrushes regularly and simply rinsed the others. They also kept two other toothbrushes in an office well away from the bathroom as a means of using a controlled aspect within the experiment. After a month of using the two toothbrushes and merely rinsing the others they took the toothbrushes to a microbiologist for testing and found that every last one had a microscopic amount of fecal matter on them. This left the conclusion that fecal matter isn’t just present in the bathroom, but nearly everywhere else as well.

That might creep and gross you out all at once, but unless you’re willing to sterilize yourself several times a day then the truth is that no matter where you go there will be some type of filth that you cannot fully escape. It’s possible to remain clean and healthy even in the worst of conditions but one thing that people tend to forget is that our bodies have adapted to the multitude of bacteria and other germs that have been present for longer than humanity has existed. Throughout countless generations we’ve earned the right to live on this planet through becoming resistant to most of them and wise enough to stay relatively clean most times so as not to allow the bacteria to grow to unhealthy levels.

This is a rather disturbing fact to be certain but in all honesty there are ways to keep one’s toothbrush clean, though not spotless. Considering that no matter how well we wash up there will always be some type of detritus on our hands, body, or even our clothing, it stands to reason that there’s not much to be done other than live with it. A body that is too clean and free of contagion can’t be expected to fight off bacteria since it hasn’t had the chance to experience what it’s like to be sick. Our immune system is the reason why things such as this are not as scary as one might think. From the moment we’re born our immune system is working as hard as it can in order to keep us healthy and to keep up with the host of germs and bacteria that continually attempt to find a way to compromise our health.

While I agree that fecal matter on everything sounds gross, unless you carry around a microscope you’d never know.

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