Fan Theory: Diamonds are Forever is a Prequel to The Rock

Plenty of theories are easy to find and in some cases even easy to argue, and it doesn’t appear that a lot of people are bound to argue against this one since not only is the individual it revolves around no longer with us (RIP Sean Connery) but it makes a great deal of sense as well. Those that love and follow Bond movies religiously might have something to say about this, but at the same time it makes a lot of sense to connect The Rock to Diamonds are Forever since James Bond is the type of secret agent that’s bound to be disavowed and left to his own devices if he’s ever caught. Plus, the timeline between these two movies works qell enough to give the theory a bit of an added punch that many agree make it as close to being seamless as it can possibly be. Evern arguing against this theory, while possible, is kind pointless since it takes one of the last iconic performances of Connery as Bond, the one that many agree counts as a part of the timeline anyway, and connects to The Rock in a manner that provides a rather accurate story that many are coming around to. 

Diamonds are Forever does leave itself open at the end and there is a good idea that Bond, who is a restles character anyway, mgiht have gone off on another mission near the end of his career, if it was the end, and been caught after being a little too reckless this time. This theory actually folds itself nicely into another Bond theory that states that the name, James Bond, doesn’t describe an actual character, but instead resides as a codename that is used for highly specialized agents that are specially selected to take on some of the most dangerous missions that MI6 deals with. That would bolster this theory even further, and it would be a good way to explain how Bond could change drastically in the years to come since many people have taken issue with the mere mention of Bond becoming anything other than a white male as he started out. 

But if the name theory were to hold water it could mean that ‘James Bond’ could be affixed to any special agent that had achieved such a status, and would therefore make the 007 role a lot more inclusive. From a personal standpoint it would be great to retire the 007 and simply create another super spy that would be able to capture the attention of the audience in the same manner as Bond. But for one reason or another, the name is where a lot of people tend to stick since not only is it a part of their comfort zone, it’s a legendary moniker that many people can’t help but cling to for their own reasons. But getting back to the theory at hand, it would mean that Connery’s character could have shed the name of Bond in favor of John Mason, another codename perhaps or maybe his actual name that’s been scrubbed from every record possible. Even in the era in which The Rock was created this would be quite the feat, but it would have been marginally easier than it might have been in this day and age. 

But with that in mind, John Mason could simply disappear when he’s placed in Alcatraz, as British Intelligence would deny his existence in their records, in which case he becomes a convicted felon without a country, and without anyone to come and help him escape. Once he escaped Alcatraz it’s still likely that he wouldn’t have a country to return home to, but since he had a daughter in the movie he wanted to connect with, it’s fair to say that Bond would have simply disappeared into the persona of John Mason, or whoever he would have become at that point. But as far as theories go, this one is rather simple and easy to accept given that it flows so nicely from one movie to the next. There are probably several fine points that people would point out if given the chance, but the overall feel of this is that it’s something that people tend to agree could have happened.

Plus, the idea of the name James Bond being a codename and anot an actual person is kind of interesting since it would mean that the timeline isn’t as fractured between one individual and the next as it might appear. But it’s been established that each James Bond does exist in their own continuity, so it’s fair to say that despite being a possible codename, each James Bond is still THE Bond. It might sound a little confusing, but all in all this theory is as straightforward as it gets. 

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