Fan Theories about TV Shows That Potentially Outshine The Real Plots

There are loads of fan theories out there about our favorite movies and television shows.  Most theories are glossed over and we take them as a grain of salt.  However, on occasion there are people out there who have some incredible insight in the the shows they watch.  These people come up with mind blowing theories that make you completely second guess a show in its entirety.  For example, did you know that Game of Thrones might actually be a show about climate change?  Don’t worry, it’ll be explained below.

Or how about the theory that all the characters on The Walking Dead are deaf?  Seems a little extreme right?  But once you read the explanation you just might watch The Walking Dead a little differently next time.  While in 99% of cases in fan theories, the theory itself is unintended by the show, sometimes these theories can be way more interesting than the actual plots.

Here are 8 fan theories from TV shows that outshine the plots.

Game of Thrones is all about climate change

Vox Media suggests that the White Walkers are a metaphor for climate change and that all of the characters can do nothing to stop them. The White Walkers are humanoid ice beings that have returned from being in exile for centuries to destroy humanity. Since the noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms are too busy fighting each other for power, they don’t have time to acknowledge them and some characters even deny their existence altogether.

The characters from Friends are in a mental institution

Don’t you kind of feel like this theory is thrown around for just about every TV show out there? Nevertheless, it exists. The idea is that Phoebe lost it after her mother’s suicide, Monica snapped after being bullied due to her weight in high school, Ross couldn’t developed abandonment issues after his first wife left him, Rachel is a sociopath, Chandler’s dysfunctional family life got the best of him and Joey went crazy thanks to all of his sisters. Perhaps this explains why there is no crime of decay in NYC during the 90s?

Some characters on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia don’t look like what you see

One Reddit user suggests that Mac, Dennis and Sweet Dee’s true appearances will be revealed in the series finale. They’re already portrayed as delusional: Mac thinks he’s a tough guy, Dennis believes he’s God’s gift to women and Dee thinks she’s a born star. The theory say that at the end of the show, Paddy’s Pub will go out of business and Frank will take a picture of the gang as one last keepsake. Mac will be revealed as a small and frail man, Dennis will be really unattractive and Dee will still be rockin’ her back brace from high school.

Charlie and Frank are left out of the theory because they’re both fully aware of and perfectly fine with their shortcomings.

The characters on Fuller House know they’re on TV

The Netflix revival brought about a fan theory that suggests the Tanner family is self-aware, kind of like in The Truman Show. Several clues exist, such as the Tanners’ frequent habit of breaking the fourth wall, Uncle Jesse’s comments about working on General Hospital and characters bringing up the background music.

Every character in The Walking Dead is deaf

The folks over at The Film Theorists seem to think that all of the characters are losing their hearing. In the first episode, Rick Grimes shoots a gun from the inside of a tank to kill a zombie. They argue that the noise was so loud it temporarily deafened him. There are plenty more close-range gun shots to affect the hearing of the rest of the characters. They say that the reason they keep attracting so many walkers is because they just don’t realize how loud they’re being.

Kenneth from 30 Rock is immortal

We all know how adorably strange Kenneth is. One theory suggests that he’s far more than that, however. According to one theory, there are several clues that point to the fact that he’s immortal, such as how he knows every single TV star from the ‘40s and ‘50s and that he claimed to have owned a pet bird for “almost 60 years.”

Gilmore Girls is just an idealized version of Rory’s life

At the end of the latest Netflix special, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Rory writes a novel called The Gilmore Girls, which tells the story of her special relationship with her mom, Lorelai. One theory offers up that the Netflix revival is the real world in which the show exists and the original show was actually just Rory’s version of her teenage life from her thirty-something point of view.

In the revival, Rory’s life seems pretty terrible, which is a lot different than the perfect girl that was shown in the original TV show, so it makes sense that she was idealizing her life the whole time.


Stranger Things and Parks and Recreation are connected

Since the phenomenon that we call Stranger Things hit Netflix, a theory has been floating around that Nancy’s boyfriend Steve Harrington grew up to be the father of Tom’s extremely annoying friend Jean-Ralphio Saperstein. Sure, the only evidence is that both shows take place in Indiana as well as the fact that the actors look A LOT alike, and sure, they have different last names. But hey, stranger things have happened, right?

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