Did the Falcons Lose the Super Bowl Because of Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show?

There’s absolutely no excuse for blowing a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.  I mean none.  However, Atlanta Falcons receiver Mohamed Sanu had a reason he thought that the Falcons completely blew the game after halftime.  His reason was Lady Gaga.  Recently Sanu appeared on the NFL network to answer some questions.  Among the questions was how his team fell apart so quickly before finally losing to the New England Patriots.

“Usually halftime’s only like 15 minutes,” Sanu said. “And when you’re not on the field for, like, an hour, it’s just like going to work out, like a great work out, and you go and sit on a couch for an hour. And then try to start working out again. “It was my first time experiencing something like that and it was different,” Sanu continued.

While he didn’t flat out blame Gaga herself, he made a reasonable point.  Like I said, 28-3, no excuses but in other sports, long delays have been known to dramatically shift games.  Think about tennis.  Sometimes when there’s rain and the players have to go inside, it gives the losing player a chance to regroup, reshift, and refocus.

Sanu pointed out that you can’t simulate long halftime shows in practice.  While Sanu’s got a point, 28-3 dude.  28-3.  Your offense and defense completely shut down.  Lady Gaga isn’t to blame.

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