Exactly How Strong is Ben Affleck’s DCEU Batman?

What sets Batman apart from his Justice League counterparts, or any other superhero in the DCEU for that matter, is that he himself doesn’t have any superpowers.  Just like Tony Stark in Ironman, Batman relies on technology and fancy gadgets to do his thing.  Luckily the technology created is so great that it rivals anything a superhero can do.   But it’s not like Bruce Wayne is weak.  This is a man trained in the martial arts like no other and 99% of the time the guy is in peak physical condition.  So how strong is Batman compared to any other human?

One fan has crunched the numbers and determined that a normal punch from Ben Affleck’s Batman generates approximately 49 pounds of force. Remember that pounds of force is not the same as pounds of pressure.  I bring this up because Ivan Drago is the strongest villain alive.  Remember in Rocky IV when he punched that pressure thingy and scored over 2000?  Anyway, that’s got nothing to do with this.   Exactly how do we know that Batman punches with 49 lbs of pressure?

You can watch the video below to learn how this youtuber came to that answer.



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