Everything We Know about Lucasfilm’s Cassian Andor Series so Far

Cassian Andor

This is proof that once a character is introduced it’s kind of hard for people, especially those that have created them, to let them go. Cassian Andor from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is a perfect example of this as Joey Paur of GeekTyrant shows. The Rebel spy made it clear that he’s bound to follow orders most of the time, even if that means turning on the informants that were trying to help the Rebellion by executing them shortly after he received whatever information he needed. The movie showed a darker side of the Alliance than a lot of people were used to seeing, and yet if anyone had read the books that have come out in the last several years they might have noticed that a much grittier and hard-handed side of the famed group that gave the Empire such a run for its money is anything but the glorious, hope-driven force that some people might think. The Alliance has never really been the all-heart no-quit bunch that they were portrayed as in the original movies, and the reminder of that is being made with Cassian since he’s the operative that will put people down if they become a liability.

That seems to suggest that his upcoming series will be something that you can’t help but think will show how he came up, what he went through to become an Intelligence agent, and how everything started out in his life. It’s apparent that he never knew his mother, and his father was killed on the planet Carida when he was still young. Cassian initially fought for the Confederacy when he was still young and became a firm opponent of the Republic. Eventually though, once the Republic became the Empire he joined the Alliance to fight against the tyranny that had been allowed to rise. From that point on his life started taking on the continual risk of being a field agent as he continued to maintain a network of informants and did what he could to further the cause of the Alliance. If you’re thinking I’m going to get into the parallels between our reality and this one then you’re going to be disappointed since that’s a longer conversation than I’d like at this point. But as to Cassian, his allegiance was never one to waver and as he continued to make his way up the ranks he did several things that he wasn’t proud of, but served the betterment of the Alliance, and as a result were things that he did without looking back.

Diego Luna will be returning to reprise the role of Cassian, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t get to see the younger version of this character as it’s always possible that a couple of kid actors will be thrown into the mix either for flashbacks or perhaps to build the story up a bit. In any case since this is a series it does seem wise to let people know just what happened in his life to make him into the man he would one day become. If you remember from the movie he was something of a duplicitous character as the Alliance needed him to be, but his motives were always pure enough since they came from wanting to help his people further their goal and rid themselves of the Empire’s tyranny as it continually swept throughout the galaxy. The whole ‘ends justify the means’ idea is one that a lot of characters and stories have been through in the history of show business and one that a lot more will go through in the times to come. But Cassian is one of those that seems able to justify acts that are little better than cold-blooded murder no matter the fact that they’re deemed necessary.

It seems interesting to wonder just how Cassian is going to be shown on Disney+ and if he’ll be the same as we remember him from the movie, or if we’ll get to see him as still fairly innocent to begin with and then gradually take a slide down the moral pinwheel into the role of the man he was on the big screen. One thing we’ll know immediately about this character is that after this series he’s pretty much done since he and Jyn Erso, and the rest of Rogue One, were killed on Scarif after completing the mission of retrieving the necessary plans from the Death Star so that they could upload them to the Rebel fleet. We know where his story ends, but it will be fun to see where and how it begins and how many missions there were in between his signing up and before his demise. He’s already considered a part of the story in a big way, so figuring out just what he’s responsible for in terms of the Alliance will be something fun to see.

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