How The Charmed Reboot Does A Solid Job Tackling Diversity

Charmed Season 2

If you grew up in the late 90s to the mid-2000s, then you might have a clue on Charmed. It was a show that focused on the lives of three sisters, the Charmed ones, who possessed supernatural powers as witches. It gave a whole new meaning to witches, and for once, it seemed cool to be one. The series came to an end in 2006, and over its eight-season run, it had a cult following with rave reviews from both critics and fans. The show has a reboot and still has the supernatural leanings of the original program and a similar setting focusing on three sisters who are witches. According to its Wikipedia page, it premiered in late 2018, and it was renewed for its third season on January 2020. The reboot has a rich cast who bring the characters to life in the best way possible. As an avid watcher of the Charmed reboot, you can’t help but take note of the diversity its showcases. From the storylines to the characters, the program addresses several issues that we experience in this ‘woke’ world of ours.

Let us have a look at how Charmed does a stable job in tackling diversity:

1. The Race Factor

The race talk is a polarizing topic in today’s world. It is a fact that there are plenty of different races, and none is superior as we are all unique in different ways. In the original series, all the Charmed sisters were of Caucasian descent. The reboot brings a twist where the sisters are Latina as you can see from Teen Vogue. The characters are also diverse, drawing actresses of various heritages such as African American, East Asian and Caucasian. The producer of the show got it right when it came to ethnic diversity and had all groups represented. While it may seem like a move towards inclusivity, it also helps in the relatability factor and can draw viewership numbers as several ethnic groups have a representation in the show.

2. Dealing With Sexuality

The issue of sexuality has been a topic that many seemed to shun for ages, especially when the focus point was on same-sex relationships. For a long time, if you were in the LGBTQ community, you were considered to have a mental disorder. This notion, however, has changed, and society is more accepting of this minority group. In tackling diversity, the producer of the show brings in the theme of same-sex relationships. Mel Vera, who is the middle sister and part of the main cast, is a lesbian and is proud of it. She backs up her sexuality by being a strong-willed feminist. In the face of intolerance against the LGBTQ community, the Charmed reboot tries to tone down the hatred by showing that they are ordinary people, and we should accept them in. Sexuality should be an issue of appreciation rather than discrimination.

3. Dealing With Different Schools Of Thought

The show is set in the college town of Hilltowne, and some of the characters are either students or have a working association with the learning institution in the vicinity. Being in such an academic environment brings out the theme of intellectual capability, which reflects on the different schools of thought. For example, Mel Vera is a graduate student in women studies and, as earlier hinted, is a hard-hitting feminist. Through her views on equality, she takes on the role of an activist. This is a varied direction of thought from those of her elder sister, Macy Vaughn, who is a laid back and shy ‘science nerd.’ Their younger sister, on the other hand, is a freshman in the university who is outgoing and wants to be liked. All of them are different in their unique ways, especially in what they stand for, though this does not come in between them.

4. Feminism And Female Empowerment

A recurring theme in the new Charmed series is that of feminism and female empowerment. The standout figure to show off this theme is Mel Vera, who is very knowledgeable in matters dealing with feminism and she is a graduate student majoring in women’s studies. For long, the female gender has been on the low end of the stick when it comes to their rights. The main cast of the show is all-female, and it serves as a spoiler of some of the underlying themes that this program pushes for. The good thing is that it does not promote its female characters at the expense of the male ones, and it shows how both genders can join to sell a project. The women’s movement also does not go to toxic levels where it seems so exclusive to other gender identities. That is a good move by those in charge of production to bring the element of mélange to the reboot.

5. Social Diversity

The element of social diversity is also present in Charm, and we can see how different characters interact despite their different backgrounds. A point in case is the Charmed sisters, who are half, and brought up in different ways. One of the sisters is of mixed heritage, and when she joins campus, confusion looms if she is ‘black enough’ to join the African American sororities. From social multiplicity, we get the theme of acceptance, where she faces no discrimination.


The Charmed reboot was justice done to the fans of the original series as they can have a touch of the fantasy drama. The show continues with the supernatural element of its predecessor and brings a decent dose of variety when it comes to its characters and its storylines. Above are some of the instances where this reboot does a splendid job in tackling diversity. It is evident from the cast, who come from different ethnic backgrounds. It also touches their different ideologies and more important the topic of sexuality. A look at the variety the program offers, you also get some vital lessons in acceptance and tolerance. It is currently in its 3rd season, and you can catch its episodes on The CW television network.

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