Everything We Know about James Wan’s “Malignant” So Far

Malignant just sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Well to be honest with James Wan behind the camera you should already know that it stands a good chance of being something insane and absolutely entertaining since he has a long history of making people jump out of their seats thanks to his contributions to the Conjuring universe. While there’s not a lot known about Malignant, Jason Robbins from ScreenRant does clue us in to what is available, such as a few of the actors and what the story could possibly be about. In true Wan style he wrote a graphic novel called Malignant Man that has to do with an individual who is supposedly dying of a tumor but comes to find out that the tumor is actually a parasite that grants him supernatural abilities. Upon finding out that there’s a secret evil society that no one knows about just beneath the notice of humanity, this individual then goes on his own quest to halt their machinations. Whether the movie will be entirely about this or not is hard to say but given the similarity in titles it’s easy enough to assume that it might be. In any case with Wan behind the camera you already know that we’ll be getting a good show.

The picture of the clapper that John Squires from Bloody Disgusting and many others show makes it pretty obvious that the movie is about to be something that will deserve some attention and might even be considered one of the best movies of the year when it comes out, or at least one of the most interesting. So far from what we’ve seen when Wan is on the job it’s been nothing short of great since he hasn’t really made a horrible movie yet. Even switching over to Aquaman didn’t seem to cramp his style since despite the whole comic book feel (there is a difference in movie styles after all) it didn’t slow him down and he did manage to offer up a few thrills and chills, definitely enough to entertain the audience. But his work on horror movies such as Insidious and The Conjuring have been nothing less than great since people have been afraid to open their eyes at certain points when in the theater, and some have been rightfully chilled even watching at home. The ability that he and his team have when it comes to delivering the type of material that sends shudders down your spine is nothing less than great since it’s that quality in a movie that makes people continue to come back for more, and if you’re keeping count the Conjuring universe has been spitting out movies fairly regularly over the past few years, even if not all of them have done as well.

Who directs a movie and what direction they take it in does have a lot to do with how many people are actually going to pay attention since a lot of people can direct and make a movie look good enough to watch, but it takes a director with a real vision to push something that people are going to flock to the theater for. Marketing is all well and good when it comes to a movie and how it’s presented, but word of mouth is still strong enough to entice people to go see a movie or simply wait until it comes out on digital or HD, meaning less interest and possibly less money at the box office. James Wan is one of those that actually generates interest and gets people into the seats so that the theaters continue to make money and the box office numbers continue to rise or at least maintain their desired numbers. It does help that his name is known among enough people and that he’s gained the kind of reputation that a person can’t buy when it comes to people wanting to see his movies. Some might argue with this,  but who directs a movie is kind of a minor concern to a lot of people since they simply want to be entertained and will watch almost anyone so long as the story is put together in a manner that they find pleasing. There are those that will try to convince you that they watch movies only by certain directors or only enjoy certain directors, but this is typically a way to seem trendy since the line ‘oh, I’ve watched all their movies’ is pretty common. James Wan however is someone that a lot of people tend to know since his name and reputation has been on the rise for years and is only getting better.

Jeremy Dick of MovieWeb has stated that Wan is going back to his horror roots on this movie and for a lot of people that’s great news since it means that we’re bound to see something that’s going to knock our socks off so to speak. There’s been no set release date yet, but there will be more on this subject in the days to come no doubt.

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