Everyone is Right About The Emoji Movie

Everyone is Right About The Emoji Movie

Whenever a new movie is being released, people would look up to Rotten Tomatoes to see the critics’ reaction about the film that they intend to watch. If it’s a tomato, it means that it’s great. If it’s rotten, it’s most likely not great. Not all people believe at the “critics review” because they see it as different from what the audience thinks. But, there will always be a particular case when a movie is being disliked by both the audience and critics. One particular example is the movie considered as this year’s summer’s worst.

When Sony announced that they will produce and release a movie called The Emoji Movie, people are wondering about how a movie about the emojis that we use in our phone will work. Then, there’s goes the casting. Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller will voice the lead character. Well-respected veteran actor and Professor X himself Sir Patrick Stewart will voice the poop emoji. Anna Faris, James Corden, Maya Rudolph, Christina Aguilera, Sofia Vergara, and Sean Hayes have also joined the cast. Then, Miller did a publicity stunt to promote the movie during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. So, what could possibly go wrong about the movie right? Professor X is part of the movie. It was promoted during Cannes. Christina Aguilera have also signed on to be part of it. The movie has to make you react with a smiley or heart emoji after you watch it.

The Emoji Movie was released in cinemas last July 28 with overwhelmingly negative reviews from both critics and audience. It has an approval rating of 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, 2.4 star out of 10 in IMDb, and a score of 12 from Metascore. When I checked the movie’s user reviews on IMDb, some of them described it as “cancer incarnate”, “so bad and full of ads”, and many more. To my surprise, there were a few users that considered it as a “masterpiece.” But, overall, most of the reviews are still negative and considered as one of the worst movies this year.

I know that I was already warned that the movie is bad but I still decided to add it on my watchlist to see why people hated it. Recently, I was finally able to watch it but I have to stop at around the fifteen-minute mark. Anything didn’t make any sense for me at that point early on in the movie. I wasn’t even able to meet Faris’ character. There was really something wrong about it. It’s like Inside Out but emojis inside the phone of a 13-year old kid. They want us to sympathize on an emoji with multiple expressions. They even said that people revolve their lives on emojis. Really? This is the film that Professor X agreed to sign on? This is even barely watchable. I have to stop watching it early on because it doesn’t make any sense.

This comes to my conclusion that everyone is right: The Emoji Movie is bad. I don’t recommend you to watch it. I know that I have been warned but I have to watch it just to see why everyone who have seen it warned us. The movie wants us to know that the emojis that we use on our phone have feelings too. If you still want to watch the movie, go on but don’t say that I didn’t warn you.


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