Are We Ever Going to See a “We’re The Millers” 2?

It certainly seems like we should, doesn’t it? After all when the first film ended we saw the ‘Millers’ in witness protection and getting along just beautifully, at least as much as they can it seems since in some ways the ‘kids’ probably can’t stand one another. But for the most part it seems as though they’ve come together as a family, so perhaps there might be trouble in paradise somewhere down the line. Maybe Casey and Kenny kind of, well, develop some attraction for each other. Or maybe someone from Pablo Chacone’s crew is tasked with finding them and discovers where they’re living. It could happen.

In the meantime here’s what we do know, aside from the fact that there is a We’re the Millers 2 in development.

So far there is no official title.

The titles that are being kicked around kind of indicate a whole different theme for the movie if not an entirely different cast, but I’ll get to that. So far the development of the script and the title isn’t much more than a running list of potential titles that play off the original movie and don’t offer a lot of imagination when it comes to what it might be about. If they do manage to do the same thing the second time around however it seems like it could possibly bomb since as it’s been seen in the last decade and more, sequels that follow the exact line of the first movie aren’t a guaranteed win since they don’t seem to have as much imagination or surprises in store for the viewer and are therefore just a lesser copy of the original. That’s not exactly what makes headlines or brings people in since no one really wants to see the same thing over and over again unless there’s the promise of something different to go along with it. So far the titles really aren’t inspiring a lot of faith in those that have seen them.

It’s not known if the same actors will come back.

This seems like it would be the death knell of the movie right from the start considering that the first movie was kind of a ‘take it or leave it’ kind of affair. A lot of people ended up taking it since they found out that this cast and the movie were a great match and couldn’t have been done any better really. The combination of the cast members and the overall story was great enough that what was originally touted as a ho-hum movie became something that was an instant classic thanks to the acting and the development of the plot. Not bringing back the original actors however seems like a serious mistake since it could mean a lot less interest and nowhere near the fans that are usually willing to put up with just about anything. It could even mean a limited showing in the theaters if the end product isn’t deemed to be as good. They would have of course have to dredge up a villain to go with the movie, perhaps taking from the first one and expanding, or they would have to come up with someone new. But the point is that not bringing back those that started it would be a horrendous mistake since doing this with anyone else or losing key players at this time would be a serious mark against its expected success.

The sequel will have to work hard to surpass the original.

A lot of people probably went into this film thinking that it wouldn’t be much more than a few laughs and an occasional eye-popping moment that would deserve at least a few moments of praise. But those same people came out of the theater or were on their couches laughing so hard they cried after watching this film, so it’s fair to state that any sequel would absolutely have to be just as funny if not funnier, and in the history of cinema there’s really not a lot of sequels that can make this leap from nothing to hilarious all that well. Home Alone 2 stands out as one of the few movies that actually surpassed the original, as does the Godfather II and even The Dark Knight, but aside from those there really aren’t a lot of sequels, oh wait, let’s not forget The Empire Strikes Back, that can really hold a candle to the original films. It’s possible, it’s probable, but it’s not always attainable.

If We’re the Millers 2 does come out anytime in the next few years then hopefully it will find a way to create the same comedic magic it did the first time around, but judgments are best to be kept under lock and key until such a thing is discovered to be true or not.

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