Thor Sings “Not Worthy” in Perhaps The Best MC Hammer Parody of All Time

Thor Sings “Not Worthy” in Perhaps The Best MC Hammer Parody of All Time

There are times when all you can do is chuckle and try to move forward with what you’re trying to write, and this would be one of those times. It’s not that often anymore that you get to hear such a great parody of MC Hammer, but this is pretty cool. The people putting these clips together are geniuses but they also seem like they might be suffering from boredom as well to come up with such ideas. Don’t misinterpret that, this is an enjoyable little excursion from the norm, but it’s also something that makes you stand up and go ‘what?’. Thor ‘singing’ Not Worthy is pretty funny but as it shows at one point there are those who have indeed wielded Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

Forged from the heart of a dying star, it’s not Mjolnir’s weight that makes it so hard to wield, but the enchantment that was laid upon it by Odin, the one that gave it to Thor. The only person that could possibly wield the hammer was one that exemplified what it meant to be a warrior, and someone that was pure of heart. For a while, and more than once, Thor has lost his hammer in the past by not following the ways that his father laid down. In the comics Thor has been at odds with Odin quite often since the comic book Odin is not nearly the kind and grandfatherly figure that Anthony Hopkins presents.

Odin in the comics is often harsh, demanding, and at times very cruel. But he still gives the impression that he is all-powerful and can throw down when he needs to. As an example of the fact that Thor is not the only person that can wield his hammer, Odin has actually stripped Thor of the weapon in the past. Odin is also not the only one that has hefted Mjolnir before, as there are others that have managed this feat.

Captain America managed to pick up the hammer at one point despite the fact that he and Thor had an issue of trust between them at the time. Zeus plucked Thor’s hammer out of the air during a fight with the thunder god. If anyone is going to be able to take on Thor with that kind of ease it would be another god, right? Of course the Vision did manage to pick up the hammer and hand it back to Thor in a very nonchalant way as well. In fact it’s safe to say that Thor looked rather shocked at this development before finally accepting it and moving on. There have been others that have hefted the hammer through trickery or by some stroke of luck that has allowed them to hold what has dropped powerful beings to their knees, but few have ever done so with as much ease as those mentioned above.

Most recently Mjolnir was taken up by Jane Foster, who broke the trend of Thor being male as she inherited the power and has been the new face of the thunder god for a little while. It’s a new look and a new style but it’s still a step forward and something we hadn’t seen yet, so kudos to the writers for stepping into the 21st century.

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