Breaking Down the Trailer For John Cusack’s Sci-Fi Film “Singularity”

Breaking Down the Trailer For John Cusack’s Sci-Fi Film “Singularity”

Breaking Down the Trailer For John Cusack’s Sci-Fi Film “Singularity”

Singularity is a sci-fi film that stars John Cusack who plays as the CEO of a company that wants to release a computer that is designed to help in bringing an end to all wars. The computer decides that humans are the real problem and should therefore be eradicated to ensure the world sees peace. The computer releases troops of robots to the world who go to accomplish the command of ensuring all human beings are exterminated. According to the trailer, you could guess there is some blending of both The Matrix and The Terminator.


The concept of singularity explained

After watching the trailer, Singularity is based upon a technology that proposes an advanced artificial intelligent system that ends up creating fast technological advancement that eventually leads to the extermination of the human race. It tries to exploit the idea that technology is the biggest threat to life and the growth in technology might lead to serious devastation to the human race.

The plot explained

What happens in Singularity is that John Cusack, as the CEO who has come up with a super computer referred to as Kronos, loses control of the machine as it proposes exterminating the human race as the only solution to ending war. Of course, due to the advancement of the AI used on the computer it embeds instructions in robots and sends them to kill all humans on earth. However, the trailer suggests there could be some hope for mankind to survive as it does not show complete extermination. There is effort to resist the action initiated by the robots to ensure they don’t spread to more parts of the world.

Kronos, the advanced computer, goes online and this is the point at which it comes to the conclusion that humans are the biggest threat to the universe. The computer was initially designed to help in stopping all wars, but in the end it begins a war against those who made it. Humans, according to the trailer, battle it out with the robots and 97 years later a few remain alive but still on the run from getting exterminated by the robots.

At the end, Andrew (a teenage boy) and Calia (a teenage girl) come up with an alliance that focuses on reaching a new world away from the threats posed by the robots. They are focused to reaching this new world that is rumored mankind exists in it without the constant threat of getting killed by robots. But does the new world really exist and are the two able to live long enough to know the truth?

Criticism is already out there

There are various aspects of the new film that can be criticized. First, some say it is terrible in number of aspects including the visual effects, which honestly don’t look great. Second, the plot of the film is evidence the writer and director plucked a lot from The Matrix, The Terminator, and even iRobot something that robs the film of the originality it should uphold. Nonetheless, it is something to look up to considering the trailer suggests a potentially interesting storyline.

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