“Evan Almighty” Turns 15 In 2022

Evan Almighty turns 15 in 2022, and it’s still deserving of a rewatch, years after its premiere in 2015. With a star-studded cast in Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman as well as a biblically compelling storyline, Evan Almighty is every bit as enjoyable now as it was when it first dropped in theaters. For those who may not remember, Steve Carell stars as Evan Baxter, a beloved news anchor who is elected to the United States Congress. Upon moving his family to Northern Virginia, Evan discovers that he’s been tasked with a much higher calling: to build an ark in preparation for a flood. With the help of his family, friends, and even some animals, Evan sets out to build the ark, all while trying to maintain his congressional duties. The film is equal parts hilarious and heartwarming, with a message that still resonates today.

Evan Almighty didn’t exactly rake in positive reviews from critics during its release. One particularly harsh review of the film came from The Guardian, which wrote, “With such a massive amount of cash at stake, and a story that involves religion and politics, director Tom Shadyac has gone to great lengths not to upset anyone. Or amuse. Or entertain. Arriving at a time when few UK residents will be able to find anything even remotely funny about floods, Freeman’s deity has Carell’s congressman build an ark, more to spend time with his kids than to survive an impending apocalypse. A cast full of people who have been frequently funny elsewhere flounder in this deluge of sentimentality and CGI. Avoid like the Ten Plagues.” Over time, people have come to show a bit more appreciation for Evan Almighty. A review on Blu-ray.com noted as much, writing: “Loathed during its initial theatrical run, I fail to see the ultimate sin of “Evan Almighty,” outside of some painfully lazy screenwriting and irritating pace issues. It’s breezy, good-naturedly silly, and shockingly slim on subplots, keeping focus where it should be: on Steve Carell and the ark.” Most fans can agree that Evan Almighty deserves a second look, 15 years after it appeared on the big screen.

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or a feel-good movie, Evan Almighty is the perfect choice for a rewatch. So gather up your loved ones and prepare to be entertained, because this film is sure to please. Here are a few reasons why you should rewatch Evan Almighty on its 15th anniversary in 2022.

Rewatch it for Steve Carell

Steve Carell is a comedic genius and his performance in Evan Almighty is no exception. From his antics on the construction site to his interactions with the animals, Carell is sure to make you laugh. Evan Almighty has an all-star cast, including Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham, Jimmy Bennett, and John Goodman. With such a talented group of actors, it’s no wonder the film is still so popular today. It’s good to see how Steve Carell’s comedy was prior to his becoming a really big Hollywood star. Since the release of Evan Almighty in 2007, Steve Carell has kept himself busy with a variety of acting roles. He had a voice role in the 2009 film Monsters vs. Aliens and appeared in the films Date Night and Despicable Me that same year. The following year, he returned to television with a lead role in the sitcom The Office. He also starred in the films Crazy, Stupid, Love and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. In 2013, he voiced the character Gru in Despicable Me 2 and appeared in the film The Way Way Back.

Morgan Freeman as God

Morgan Freeman played the role of God in the 2007 film Evan Almighty. Throughout the film, God offers guidance and wisdom to Evan, helping him to navigate his new life and fulfill his destiny. In the end, Evan learns that with faith and hard work, anything is possible. Morgan Freeman’s performance as God earned him critical acclaim, and he helped to make Evan Almighty a box office success. Thanks in part to Freeman’s involvement, the film grossed over $175 million at the worldwide box office. In an interview with AALBC, he talked about his feelings about portraying God in Evan Almighty: “I got the feeling a long time ago, that eventually someone was going to come up to me and say, ’We want you to play this role.’ I wondered, ’What am I going to do?’ If it was a straight role, I wouldn’t do it, pure and simple.”

The message is still relevant

The film’s message is as relevant now as it was 15 years ago. With climate change and natural disasters making headlines around the world, Evan Almighty serves as a reminder that we must all work together to protect our planet. Whether you’re a fan of Steve Carell or you’re just looking for a good movie to watch, Evan Almighty is the perfect choice. What makes Evan Almighty such a timeless classic is its message about hope and faith. In a world that can often be filled with cynicism, the film provides a much-needed reminder that there is always a reason to believe.

The impressive special effects

Evan Almighty‘s special effects still hold up 15 years after its premiere. Here’s a look at how the film’s visual effects were created. In Evan Almighty, director Tom Shadyac wanted to raise the stakes of what an apocalyptic event could be. The movie features one of the most expansive sets ever built, including an ark and a massive flood. To create the flood scene, the crew used more than 1 million gallons of water and shot on location in Virginia. They also employed CGI when needed, such as when animals were added to the ark or when digital water was used to augment the practical effects. The special effects in Evan Almighty are still impressive 15 years later. The film’s use of practical and digital effects created an apocalyptic event that was both real and not too scary for kids. It’s a testament to the skill of the crew that the film’s visual effects continue to hold up today.

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