The Five Best “Versus” Movies of All-Time

The Five Best “Versus” Movies of All-Time

There are plenty of ‘vs.’ movies out there that are nothing short of epic in their scale and then there are those that are great because they tell a compelling story. But in this instance we’re going for scale and for those that are downright gritty and bound to be to the death or at least until one opponent is no longer capable of moving under their own power for a while. These types of movies are great because they turn into giant slugfests that tend to make audiences go ‘ooh’ and occasionally utter ‘damn!’ since the powerhouses that are unleashed upon each other are so capable of doing the type of damage that would turn a human being into a pile of goo. A couple of the movies on this likely weren’t seen as that great by the critics or even by the fans, but the battles they enacted and what they represent in pop culture are great since they tend to pit two unstoppable forces against one another, or at the very least become something that is impressive enough to watch at least once.

Here are a few of the best vs. movies of all-time.

5. Alien vs. Predator

This movie, and not Requiem, was a great idea, but the execution became a bit messy since none of the humans that were sent on the expedition to find the hidden pyramid beneath the glacier had a chance in hell of surviving the xenomorphs or the predators if either cut loose. If it had been a fight between the two alien species along with top-tier fighters it might have been a little more entertaining. Predators was a bit more entertaining since it featured elite fighters, but no xenomorphs, unfortunately. Had Predators included xenomorphs it would have topped this movie for certain, but getting to watch the insect-like aliens take on the hunters was a lot of fun despite the short fight scenes.

4. Freddy vs. Jason

It was fun to watch two horror icons face off against one another since the moment that the music hit and Jason saw that Freddy had been transported to the real world, everyone knew that it was on. The dream sequence in which Freddy was attempting to drown Jason was comical at best and wasn’t much of a fight since this was Freddy’s domain and he had all the power. But in the real world, it was still one hell of a fight since Jason gave as good as he got, and he had the final word at the end as he emerged from the lake with Freddy’s head in one hand and his machete in the other. But of course, Freddy couldn’t just be dead, since the wink he shot the audience was enough for an eye roll.

3. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Most thinking adults wouldn’t think of betting against Superman in a fight like this save for the fact that Batman could purchase pretty much whatever countermeasures he needed and would plan well ahead for this battle. That’s Batman’s whole thing, after all, he’s rich and he’s paranoid enough to have contingency plans for everyone that he can’t just beat into submission. But the fact that he almost killed Superman on his own and was stopped by the utterance of a single name was all kinds of ridiculous. And lo and behold, Doomsday ended up killing Superman only a short while later. It wasn’t a bad fight overall, but there’s a reason it doesn’t take the top spot.

2. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Make no mistake, this was a vs. movie that somehow didn’t get enough attention or praise since it made Underworld make a lot more sense considering that it went back to Lucian’s origin and explained the whole thing as he was seen to be Victor’s slave. But of course, when he fell in love with Victor’s daughter and their love was discovered the war really kicked into high gear, and it was made clear that the only vampires who were really safe from Lycans were those that were powerful enough to kill them hand to hand, while all others could be torn apart at will unless they were skilled enough and could fight the beasts one on one since anything other than put the vampires at a distinct disadvantage.

1. Godzilla vs. Kong

This one might be kind of premature, but it already feels like it’s going to be one of the best vs. movies in a long time since the two combatants that are being hyped are among the most well-known and powerful in the Monsterverse and it’s easy to think that they’re going to tear things up in a big way. Plus, it’s a fight that we’ve seen before but with added effects and a different storyline it feels as though this one is going to blow a lot of people away.

Movies like this are fun since there can be a lot of story behind it or very little and they still work.

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