Emperor Palpatine Quarantines Himself in the Villain Pub

Emperor Palpatine Quarantines Himself in the Villain Pub

Emperor Palpatine Quarantines Himself in the Villain Pub

The people at HISHE are definitely always up for a good laugh since there are many instances in which we just don’t think about what might have occurred had a story gone a different way. But this, one almost had to expect that it was going to happen that the villains would be just as affected by the coronavirus as anyone else, though it was likely just as much of a surprise to think that any of them would think about self-quarantine methods. Why bother with quarantine when your entire plot is to basically strike terror into the hearts of others and eliminate anyone that doesn’t see things your way? Emperor Palpatine doesn’t feel like the kind of guy that would worry too much about quarantine methods but in a satirical manner it is interesting to see him in the role of an extrovert that just can’t stand being inside for so long, which is how a lot of people are feeling no doubt since those that generally tend to lead a very social life are being forced to stay home in order to avoid spreading the coronavirus any further. The number of posts on social media have increased a bit and as you can imagine a few of them are getting downright silly as people are trying to find ways to entertain and amuse themselves during this time. Celebrities are getting in on the act as well since a lot of them appear to be missing the attention and the fanfare that usually goes along with whatever it is that they’re doing at any given moment.

Trying to self-quarantine is tough without any doubt for those that are used to being outside, around people, and able to do whatever they need or want to do. But as it’s been said and will continue to be said by celebrities and anyone that wants to be heard, staying indoors and keeping away from people as much as possible is still preferable. For a character such as Palpatine however that shouldn’t be too hard since apart from his time in the Imperial Senate, before he dissolved it, he was kind of a loner to begin with. His public face of Sheev Palpatine was basically a front, while in private he was Darth Sidious, presumably the last great Sith lord around. Just for grins it’s kind of interesting to try and figure out if Palpatine is stronger in the Force and could possibly take on his fellow villains, ridiculous as it might sound. The Joker wouldn’t pose a threat, but those with cosmic power of martial skill might at least be something that he might have to think about. In other words, keeping out some of the rabble that he’s attempting to kick out would be easy enough, but getting them all to leave might be a bit tricky considering that even as a master Force-user he’s still not quite perfect in his attack methods and arrogance is still one of his biggest downfalls.

All that aside, the coronavirus is affecting a lot of us in different ways and it’s been seen when it comes to entertainment that we continue to discuss it over and over since, being realistic, it’s basically shut down a lot of things that would normally be running full tilt. There’s an option here though, to be depressed and anxious as a result of not being able to do everything we want, much as the Emperor is in this clip, or to make the most of it, laugh, and just find a way to enjoy being home for an extended period of time, especially if you still get to work from home. Those that don’t get to work at all and aren’t making money are hopefully finding their way to unemployment or possibly finding alternatives that can keep earning them a paycheck since there are plenty of online jobs out there if a person knows where to look. It might sound easier than it is but at the very least it’s something to do and something to take a person’s mind off the mind-numbing boredom and possible depression that might otherwise come quite naturally. This is a hard time for everyone right now and we’re doing our best just to get through it, and right now entertainment is one of the best ways to at least attempt to push through and make the best of a seriously messed-up situation. One can only imagine just what’s going to happen when people are finally allowed to go back to work and told that the virus is either on its way out or gone. At that point there might be businesses that no longer know how to handle a crowd and will have to get the hang of it once again. But hopefully it won’t take that long.

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