10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eamonn Walker

Eamonn Walker

The incomparable and talented Eamon Walker is one of our favorite intriguing actors. We loved him as Kareem Said in OZ, but there’s a lot more to this handsome face than any single well-played character. Eamonn Walker is well known for his theatrical and screen presence. However, you won’t find a whole lot of trivia and random facts about him without really looking. He doesn’t make the tabloids or get arrested like some stars. So we went digging to find ten things you didn’t know about Eamonn Walker.

1. History

Eamonn was born in London, England, in 1962. His father is Grenadian, and his mother was originally from Tebago. Grenada is in the West Indies. The sovereign island is sometimes called the Island of Spice for the mace and nutmeg grown there. Trinidad, on the other hand, is the southernmost country in the Caribbean, named for the two largest islands among the plethora of islands that make up the nation.

2. Other Plans

Some people were born for the stage and knew it from the time they could walk. Eamonn wasn’t one of those people. His early goals were much more modest and community-minded. After graduating from Hungerford School in Islington, he went to North London Polytechnic. He was studying social work. We can see him as an amazing social worker. Still, we’re thrilled he changed his path and became the star we know and love today instead.

3. Let’s Dance

We aren’t sure exactly when Eamonn decided that social work wasn’t the right path for him. What we do know is that theater wasn’t his next goal. Instead, he trained as a dancer and auditioned for the Explosive Dance Theatre Company in London. He must be a fantastic dancer because they accepted him. Sadly it wasn’t meant to be. An abscess in his calf ended his dancing career prematurely.

4. Family Guy

Eamon courted his wife Sandra for two decades before the couple married. They don’t disclose a lot of personal details about their long and happy marriage. We don’t pry if a couple keeps their private life to themselves. What we do know is that Sandra is a novelist, and the couple shares three children, two of whom are twins.

5. Othello

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is world-famous for its stage production and the writer who helped create it and give it a name. The Globe has been home to innumerable performances, but some are far more famous and groundbreaking than others. Eamonn was one of the few performers who got to be a part of a Shakespeare-related first at the Globe. He was the first black actor to play Othello on that famed stage.

6. Biblical Talent

In 2009 a very unique drama premiered on NBC. Kings was loosely based on King David; a biblical tale reimagined in modern times. The story was set in an America-like nation and uniquely told the classic tale. Eamonn, who starred as Reverend Ephram Samuels, said it was “Ahead of its time.”  The actor remembered filming on the show fondly and also says he made friends there that he still keeps in contact with. The concept was certainly not the most popular with audiences. In fact, it only ran for about four months before getting pulled from the station.

7. Long Days

Most recently, we’ve been enjoying Eamonn and the rest of the cast on Chicago Fire. He plays the Battalion Chief of Firehouse 51, in charge of, and responsible for all the hard-working firefighters who work under him. Anyone who thinks acting is ‘an easy gig,’ clearly doesn’t realize how challenging some roles are. On CF, the cast and crew work for ten months a year. One in every three days in Chicago has precipitation. The average temperature is a chilly 49 degrees, and a considerable part of what they do involves being outside. Whatever the weather, the show has to go on. That means getting out and doing what the director says.

8. Chicago Trilogy Connections

While we’re on the subject of Chicago, Derek Haas, Michael Brandt, and Dick Wolf didn’t create any of the Chicago franchise shows to truly stand alone. Molly’s bar connects all the characters over time as they live and work in the city they call home. Some of the actors and actresses have bonded over a new love of the city by buying homes in the area. Eamonn did move for the show, but he shares a stranger connection to one of his trilogy co-stars. Eamonn Walker and Jesse Spencer both see the same vocal coach to do their American Accents for the show.

9. Steppenwolf Theater

Eamonn may be better known for his silver screen time, but he hasn’t given up on stage shows entirely. In 2016 Eamonn played Pops in Steppenwolf Theatre’s “Between Riverside and Crazy.” He joined Steppenwolf because he wants to continue to expand and grow as an actor. Trying new things will keep anyone sharp. However, for actors, expanding their range and developing their talent by becoming more than they’ve been before is essential. We admire anyone who pursues excellence in their craft, and Eamonn is one of the greats.

10. Highly Lauded

Like many fine actors, Eamonn has been nominated for several awards over the course of his career. Most recently, the NewFilmmakers Los Angeles Best of 2014 Award for Best Performance in a Drama. Sadly, he’s only won once. Eamonn holds a Cable Ace award for his time on OZ. We’re pretty confident that it won’t be the last time he sees a win.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to outstanding performers who we can’t get enough of, Eamonn Walker is at the top. He doesn’t share much information about himself and his life with the press, but we enjoyed finding some interesting new facts to share with fans. What surprised you the most about Walker’s life? Let us know in the comments below.

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