Drone Footage of a Man Flying on Hoverboard, Green Goblin Style

Drone Footage of a Man Flying on Hoverboard, Green Goblin Style

Drone Footage of a Man Flying on Hoverboard, Green Goblin Style

Seriously, I don’t know if I’m impressed or unnerved by this since it sounds fair to say that if a person weighs enough they wouldn’t be able to get enough lift, but even with the ability to lift off the ground, it feels as though maneuverability is still going to be an issue for a while until the controls get a little fine-tuning. Then, even if a person is strapped into the device as one can only hope they are, there’s the idea of what happens with rapid acceleration and deceleration and a host of other things that need to be taken into account. It’s likely that the people behind this project are thinking of the many different things that have to be completely on point before they can be applied in real life, so that particular line of thinking is something best left to the engineers and the brave souls willing to go up in this thing. Likening this hoverboard to the Green Goblin from the Spider-Man movies is amusing since the needed power and design to make this thing work would have to be incredibly precise given that shifting your weight might be disastrous if it happened at the wrong time, and keeping a person locked into this thing for too long does feel as though it would create serious fatigue. Flying devices of all kinds have been popular for quite a while since science fiction has been a big part of humanity’s race to do anything and everything that can be imagined, which includes hovering craft of all shapes and sizes. The board though, a personal device that offers no protection or anything to the wearer, is definitely one of the riskiest contraptions that’s ever been made, and it’s very fair to say that it’s one that people want to see the most of for various reasons.

While a lot of people might want to call this a hoverboard, others would call it a glider, and some might even call it a ‘hell no’ in regards to whether or not they would take a turn on it. The fantasy of being on a glider that could be easily controlled and zip about as such devices tend to do in the movies is definitely something that a lot of us might dream of as adolescents and even young adults, but in reality, it’s likely that many people would lose their nerve pretty quickly. Being that high in the air with nothing between a person and the ground but the hunk of metal they’re strapped to might be too much for some folks. Plus, the controls for this thing would likely take a while to get used to since if one thinks about it, there would need to be a set of hand controls and possibly foot controls that many people would end up screwing up in some fashion. Something like this would take a while to learn, and during that time a person could easily imagine that at last, a few people would crash into more than a few things, even if the training was conducted inside. It’s a cool idea by all means, and it looks like it would be fun for anyone that still has a sense of adventure left to them. But at the same time it looks like something that would require a lot of concentration since, unlike the Green Goblin, the average person doesn’t have the strength and the agility to make this thing work at high speeds.

Someone might actually think of such a thing eventually, of that there’s little doubt, since the moment that something is created, there are always a host of people trying to do it better, to make it sleeker, faster, and more capable of being controlled in an easier manner. This is one of many devices that people might joke about when it comes to military applications, but something like this feels like it would be less than effective in anything but a possible stealth mission if it could be quieted down somehow. Perhaps it could be adapted for practical uses, or maybe it might be something that could find a use somewhere, somehow. Right now it’s tough to think of it being used as anything but a conveyance that would leave the rider a sitting duck, but there’s likely an application for it, and simply being a giant toy, much like a jet ski, wouldn’t be the best use of it, since it would become little more than another luxury for those who could afford it. Eventually it does feel as though we’ll see this contraption again and it might turn out to be worth more than people thought in terms of use. But for now, it’s just cool to look at, and for some people, it’s likely to be the subject of a pleasant daydream.

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