Appreciating the Impressive Career of Pam Ferris

When you think of Pam Ferris you probably think of a couple of characters right off the bat unless you have to look her up first. Her name does kind of stick in the mind in a way that’s hard to explain but once you realize the parts she’s played you’re likely to go “a-ha!” and then go looking for the roles she’s played that were the most influential in the past couple of decades. In truth she’s been around for quite some time and has been very prevalent when it comes to TV, while in movies she’s done far more than the two roles that are shown below but nothing has likely ever stuck like it has with the clips you’ll see in a moment. Her presence is something that’s hard to get around since she definitely throws herself into the mindset of the character and really gets into it with everything she’s got. In some ways that’s almost scary but when you see how she really is off screen it’s hard to not be impressed.

Here are a couple of roles you might remember from the past.


The Trunchbull was perhaps one of the nastiest, most aggressive villains out of many kid movies since she was seen being absolutely horrible to the students that were under her care and with utter impunity. Ms. Honey did her best to teach the children and keep them entertained but the Trunchbull was simply nasty and would take out her frustrations on anyone that didn’t seem like they were doing as she demanded or were trying to aggravate her intentionally. There were many moments in which she got her comeuppance, but to be honest she was a formidable opponent since she was big, mean, and openly hostile. By the end she was reduced to a quivering wreck that some people would probably stick up for in her last few moments in the school, but at the time she was the villain and that was all that mattered. Her feelings were secondary to the liberation of the kids.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

It’s far too easy to say that Pam looks like she could play the mean role but it’s kind of the truth since she grew into a woman that looks rather stern unless she’s trying to look nice. She has the kind of looks that make it seem that, when she’s frowning, you might be in some serious trouble. In this Harry Potter movie she’s absolutely horrible as Marge since not even the Dursley’s seem like they can stand her. Well, to be honest, Dudley seems more interested in the TV than anything. But the whole idea of insulting Harry’s father and then his mother is the kind of thing a uniquely cruel and rather sadistic person would do. She does play the role of the villain quite well, though in this case she’s not much a match for Harry when he gets angry.

After those horrible characters you see her as she really is and Pam seems like an angel to be honest. She’s a decent person and is obviously a no-nonsense person but she also seems like she is one of the most caring individuals around and takes great pains to make sure that others in her life are taken care of. Now that she’s made it as an actor there is a lot more than she can do and it has become her mission in life to help others and be the positive influence that is needed for this type of issue. It’s hard to think that anyone, especially children, need to put their lives on hold for a family member, but the truth of it is that those who are genuinely caring and love their family with all their hearts are those that are going to do these things because there is no other way for them. It’s the mark of a decent person that will care for their family when they are in dire straits as far as their health is concerned.

Pam is one of those people that tends to come off as a horrible person in film and TV at times but in real life is an absolute angel that may or may not always be at the top of her game but is still a person that cares deeply and loves to see others succeed. It’s so very easy to see her as the villain from the movies we watched when we were younger but when you see her in real life it’s just as easy to shed those expectations and enjoy the person she is. That kind of an actress is unique since she can get people against her or on her side depending on what role she’s playing and if she’s on or off camera. That’s definitely impressive.

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