Under the Dome 2.07 Review: “Going Home”

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Under the Dome just keeps getting more and more predictable.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing though because the entertainment value it provides is still enjoyable.

Everything I said last week is pretty much coming true, and for the record, I watch this the same time you all do.  I didn’t know that the cliff would really lead to the outside world, but it’s cool that it does.  The only problem now is that no one still inside Chester’s Mill has a way of knowing that the cliff is their escape from the dome.  Everyone just assumes that Barbie and Sam are dead from jumping down there.

As viewers, we know the truth.  Barbie, Sam and even Lyle landed in Zenith, Barbie and Melanie’s hometown.  No fanfare was made that Barbie was back because no one believed him if he told him he was trapped under the infamous dome.  He does find his father for help with getting back to the dome.  In his case, Barbie’s love for Julia is what’s propelling him to find a way back so it’s not entirely a rip-off of Lost.  (I really, really love Lost if you haven’t caught on yet.)

Elsewhere out in the free world of Zenith, Sam visits his sister Pauline in the psychiatric hospital.  She’s as surprised as anyone to see that he somehow escaped from the dome.  It turns out Lyle also got out by way of the cliff, but he’s been incoherent since then.  All he does is sit and mutter “Melanie” all day.  Sam doesn’t show any strange side effects yet, but the camera did zoom in on one of his hands shaking.  Maybe everyone experiences something from whatever happens in between the darkness of the cliff to the playground in Zenith or it could just be that they were once connected to the mysterious egg in Chester’s Mill.

Joe is so suspicious of the tunnel under the high school that leads to the cliff.  He’s convinced that it was never there before but that’s slightly ridiculous.  How many teenagers would know for certain what secret tunnels may or may not lie under your school.  I had to laugh when his only reasoning for thinking the dome made the tunnel is because he’s lived in Chester’s Mill all (15-16 years of) his life.

Melanie and Junior soon join Joe, Norrie and Julia at the cliff in the tunnel.  Of course they brought the egg along and that’s when the pink stars formed another constellation of Zenith.  This brings them all hope that there is indeed a way out and maybe even a way for Barbie to get back in.

Something tells me that Zenith isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  I sort of wonder why it was such idyllic weather there, not even a cloud in the sky.  Then there was the red hatch-like door in the ground that must have some significance to the dome because we saw it in a painting Pauline had done.

Bearded man on a mission to get back to the life he unexpectedly came to prefer? Check.

Hatch-like door in the ground? Check.

Is Zenith the place that they all made to find each other in the afterlife?  Too soon to call that one, but I wouldn’t doubt it.  We’ll have to see how successful Barbie is with finding a way back under the dome!

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