Under the Dome 2.01 Review: “Heads Will Roll”

under the dome

Calling this season premiere of Under the Dome a hot mess wouldn’t do it justice.  It was ridiculous at times, but I have to admit that the major surprise death at the end was seriously shocking.

The ridiculous part had a lot to do with the insane magnetic pulses that a new character, Rebecca (the high school science teacher) compared to labor contractions.  Except instead of giving life, each pulse was one step closer to taking lives of the people caught in the way of flying knives, refrigerators, and anything and everything magnetic on the outskirts of the dome.

Magnetic forces cause everyone to fall unconscious except for Jim, Julia, and Barbie.  Jim may have been saved from some of that exposure since he was being tormented by Dodee’s ghost in his cellar.  Whatever reason Julie and Barbie weren’t affected may or may not be addressed again, but it was convenient for them to be there to witness Jim about to hang himself from the noose at ghost Linda’s insistence to sacrifice himself for Junior.

“The dome didn’t want us to kill you. It wants us to end the killing,” Julia claims as she idiotically saves him.  I guess Barbie and Jim can call it even now that they’ve both been in that noose and saved by the other’s allies.

Julia’s letting her “monarch” powers get to her head if she thinks she can suddenly speak for the dome now.  Honestly, she probably just made things worse by dropping that egg in the lake and saving the drowning girl, Melanie, who coincidentally popped up out of nowhere in the middle of the lake (perhaps she even hatched out of the egg.)  It’s not clear yet who this girl is, but I’m going with the theory that she’s the dome personified.  If she is an alien, is she the first or will there be more coming?

While Junior was unconscious, he saw and spoke to his (supposed) dead mother, Pauline.  We later see that she’s actually alive and still up to her psychic painting.  After finishing a piece of Junior – excuse me, James – her next painting appears to be of an open door with red markings above it.  Last year we saw her paintings predicting the pink stars falling in lines so we know that she has some sort of freaky connection to the dome.

James’ uncle Sam, aka Pauline’s brother, meets Julia after she saved Melanie from the lake.  He’s been holed up in his cabin this entire time, and something tells me he knows more than he’s letting on.  For one, his initial reaction to seeing Melanie seemed like he knew her.  Then we saw him going through some drawings he had saved of his sister’s, one just happened to be of Melanie.  Pauline has been gone for 9 years so who knows how long ago she actually drew that.

Linda was the first casualty within the first 10 minutes as she died a hero, saving Barbie from being trapped against the edge of the dome with a truck being pulled towards it.  Angie’s death, however, was disturbing.  We saw her follow Melanie to the high school, and next thing you know she’s screaming in the face of an axe as her bloody hands streak across the lockers.  If the girl did that and she’s really the dome personified, then everyone is in big trouble!  It probably won’t be so easy to solve this murder though.

Overall some aspects were pretty silly, like when the nail was impaled into Joe’s hand and before they even had to remove it, the magnetic force kept pulling it right back out.  That makes…sense?  The fact that 3 out of 4 of the new characters (sorry, Rebecca) are interesting and mysterious is enough to keep me watching.  How about you?

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