Under the Dome 2.09 Review: “The Red Door”

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There was a suspiciously familiar cloud of smoke featured on Under the Dome this week as the connection between Zenith and Chester’s Mill continues to unravel.

Big Jim is scheming away as usual in Chester’s Mill now that he knows Julia lied about Barbie’s death.  How would he know this?  By following Julia, of course.  He saw Barbie is alive and more importantly outside of the dome so he negotiates a deal with the security crew outside.  Only Jim and Junior will be “allowed” to leave if he brings the power source with him.  I have to give Jim props for first proposing that everyone in town leaves with him because maybe he really is a good person deep, deep down.  I still think everyone should jump and once they hit the ground in Zenith, run for their lives.  Get as far away from Zenith and those men in black uniforms as possible.

Now that Jim may or may not be on his way out of the dome, those who got out are finding their way back into it.  Pauline’s vision of a red door turned out to be a cellar door at the house Barbie grew up in, and where his dad still lives with heavy security.  They’re all able to sneak onto the grounds and discover a hidden door to a cave that must lead the way back to Chester’s Mill.

Smoke monster alert!  Lyle entered the cave in that cellar with Barbie, Pauline, Sam and Hunter, but he didn’t surface in the Chester’s Mill lake with them.  Perhaps he had a last minute change of heart and got out before the smoke reached him, or just maybe he did meet the smoke and only he got transported to a different time.  It wouldn’t be the first time that a smoke monster and time travel existed on the same show.

The flashes that everyone saw when confronted with the smoke were either memories or premonitions.  Sam revisits a memory with a scared Junior begging him not to leave after Pauline’s funeral.  Barbie remembers a time from his childhood when he met Melanie and she actually instructed him to put his handprint on that cellar door.  Pauline’s vision was more of a premonition since she was alone with Melanie in the ditch where they first discovered the egg.  Melanie/the smoke monster gave her this message: “This is where it began and this is where it ends.  For all of us.”  Lastly, Hunter claims he didn’t see anything when he passed through the smoke.  Either he’s telling the truth or he more than likely did see something that we’ll learn eventually.

After the four of them find each other in the lake, Pauline asks Sam to wait by the lake for Lyle while she goes out to find Junior.  I don’t know how she and Barbie think they’re not going to be seen around town.  People of Chester’s Mill don’t exactly have anywhere else to go so there’s no safe time or place to sneak around.  Pauline better be prepared to deal with Jim now that he found her in their house.  Barbie went off in search of Julia and the egg so he’s sure to be spotted by someone else too.  As long as they all avoid the edges of the dome where the security guards patrol, they should be good.

Hunter was a great help to Barbie when he was in Zenith, but he probably should have stayed there rather than tagging along to get back under the dome.  It’ll be interesting to see if he’ll be able to hack through the firewall from inside.  Otherwise he’ll just be getting them all into more trouble once Don finds out that one of his trustworthy employees is actually behind the Hounds of Diana site.

The previews for next week look good!  Sam might be getting his due punishment for killing Angie from the egg and/or the dome.  Speaking of Angie, she’s back but probably only as a vision the dome is sending to communicate with Junior.

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