Under the Dome 2.08 Review: “Awakening”


The drama keeps getting better on Under the Dome.  This week in particular was actually kind of fun to meet a new character, Hunter, a hacker who is responsible for the Hounds of Diana website.  Speaking of the Hounds of Diana, I highly suggest checking out that site for any further clues into this mystery.

As the newly self-appointed sheriff in town since Barbie’s believed to be dead, Big Jim is trying to turn a new leaf.  He thinks the dome has given him this opportunity and he wants to make the best of it, starting with apologizing to Rebecca and making amends with Junior.  These three have a mystery to solve when Rebecca finds the windmill destroyed after it saved them all from the dust storm.  Obviously Jim’s got plenty of enemies who could be responsible for this and a subsequent car fire under a sign for his car dealership.

Outside in Zenith, Sam and Pauline take Lyle’s condition into their own hands when they sneak an injection into him to get him to stop his nonsense ramblings.  It works and they’re able to get him to think and speak clearly for the first time since he left Chester’s Mill.

Barbie’s dad Don works as a government contractor who was hired to find a way to get a wifi signal into the dome.  He’s definitely got plenty more secrets up his sleeve but luckily Barbie makes an unlikely friend in the form of a hacker named Hunter.  Hunter works for Don but followed Barbie on the street to prove that he’s on his side.  Somehow, Don knows about the egg under the dome and added to Barbie’s e-mail message for Julia that she bring the egg with her when she takes that “leap of faith.”  Now we’ve even got Charles Widmore 2.0!

After Joe receives Barbie’s first e-mail, Julia’s not fully convinced that it was actually Barbie who wrote it.  She was all ready to drop a message down the cliff to hopefully reach Barbie when a second e-mail got through the firewall.  This time she was convinced and able to crack his code.  He doesn’t want her to jump, he wants to meet her at the edge of the dome near Joe’s house.

Their reunion is cut short after Barbie had to sneak past the government security to even get to the dome.  He’s found after only being able to write a few notes for Julia on the dome, including that it’s “not safe on the outside” and in case she couldn’t put two and two together, he started writing “don’t jump.”  Well alright, but what can she do?

Other than the shady business involving the dome, I would think that life outside of Zenith at least should be back to normal.  We haven’t even seen anywhere outside of there yet though.  I have to wonder if everyone from Chester’s Mill jumped off the cliff and landed in Zenith, what would happen then?  Would that make this experiment null and void or are there even bigger (extraterrestrial?) forces at stake?

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