Under the Dome 2.12 Review: “Turn”

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Just when you thought Under the Dome couldn’t get anymore ridiculous, a sinkhole opens and swallows a Chester’s Mill resident.  At least one other occupant definitely died while another was left bleeding to death.  Basically, all hell is breaking loose as we near the end of the second season next week.

Barbie reacted pretty much the way you’d expect him to when Joe and Norrie blow Hunter’s hidden agenda as a secret agent for Don Barbara.  He uses Hunter to contact the guarded men on the outside, who eventually call for Don himself when Barbie threatens Hunter’s life.  Don refuses to help his son, saying the egg is out of his control and there’s no way he can get it back under the dome.  It isn’t until Barbie reveals that Melanie is somehow alive again after 25 years that his father vows to bring the egg back himself.

Melanie’s health has been deteriorating since Jim tossed the egg off the cliff but things were almost looking better for her this week.  Pauline’s visions were also affected by Jim’s stupid mistake but he almost righted that wrong when he inspired her to paint again.  Either it was his confidence in her or the reconciling of their relationship that allowed Pauline the creative expression once again.  She comes up with a painting of eight hands healing Melanie.  It all makes sense, until they realize that without Angie they’re short of a person.

The whole healing scene was honestly funny.  Rebecca was among the small crowd of onlookers and it was her “scientific” observation that Melanie counts as two hands since she’s lived two different times.  Joe, Norrie, Lyle, and Pauline each place one hand on a fading Melanie while Sam and Junior each take one of her hands to connect this little power circle.  It sort of works until a dirt storm kicks up and Melanie disappears down a sinkhole.

Pauline feels so guilty that her vision led to this but Jim consoles her that it wasn’t her fault.  They forgive each other’s mistakes and reconcile their differences just as a crazed Lyle stabs Pauline in the back.  He swears they were always meant to be together, and he begs Jim to kill him in return so he can be with Pauline forever.  Jim doesn’t hesitate to return the favor to Lyle, ensuring his death.  Meanwhile Pauline’s most likely bleeding to death.  Then again, her brother Sam isn’t too far from the scene of her stabbing so if Jim takes a second from crying over her he may be able to call for help in time.

The dome itself is still slowly contracting inwards.  Assuming the school is in the middle of the town, they set that up as a meeting place for everyone to congregate while they wait for Don to surface with the egg to hopefully stop the contractions.  Julia’s out of any logical explanations for what’s going on so she tries talking to the dome.  Remember how she’s supposedly the Monarch and all?  Maybe her connection isn’t as significant as she led herself to believe.  Her reasoning with the invisible force behind the dome sounded a lot like praying to God.  However, in response to her offering herself up in place of anyone else dying, the dome continued to close in further.

At this point, no renewal has been announced yet so next week’s season finale could very well serve as a series finale.  I highly doubt it was written as a series finale, but hopefully we get the chance for some real closure in the form of even a shortened third and final season next year.  As far as light summer TV is concerned, this is one of the most fun and entertaining series so long as you don’t expect too much from it.

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