Under the Dome 2.11 Review: “Black Ice”

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Last week on Under the Dome, the temperature was dropping to feel more like fall.  Now it’s basically the dead of winter in Chester’s Mill and with the dwindling fuel supply, residents are in danger of literally freezing to death.

Jim made the hugely selfish decision to drop the egg down the cliff into Zenith.  What he wasn’t expecting was for this escape route to close up after releasing the dome’s power source.  Now he’s stuck with everyone to point their fingers and blame him while men in hazard suits attempted to gain control of the egg in Zenith.  We don’t see yet what exactly they are able to do to the egg, but it’s clear that whatever they are doing is influencing the dome.  It almost reminds me of The Hunger Games, how the government controls elements of the arena.  Whoever has possession of the egg may or may not be responsible for causing the dome to contract inwards at the end of this episode.

With the egg gone, the dome itself starts to revolve and freeze up at the same time.  Rebecca established the high school as a clinic for sick patients including Melanie, whose connection to the egg is so strong that it knocks her unconscious.  She briefly wakes up for a key interaction with her old best friend.  It’s then that Pauline swears she came back to finish whatever it was they, Sam and Lyle all started 25 years ago.

Speaking of Lyle, he’s back!  After seeing the world burn down, or so he claims.  Jim found him floundering in the icy lake when he was out getting more fuel for the generator at the school.  “You should start thinking about where you want to be at the end of the world, Jim,” Lyle warns, “because the end is coming and there’s nothing you can do.”  Maybe Pauline can make some sense out of Lyle’s babbling.

Barbie and Julia were not so conveniently driving an ambulance in the cold dark night to bring food back to the school when they hit a patch of ice.  Julia was standing in back and got impaled by a small metal rod in a main artery in her leg.  All logic goes out the window once Barbie comes up with a genius theory to save her.  By letting her catch hypothermia from the extreme temperatures, her heart will slow and allow him to take the rod out without chancing her bleeding to death.  She’s cool with risking her life and the magic of television allows her to live another day.

Hunter’s true intentions are revealed when Joe and Norrie trust their suspicions of him.  Joe found emails from Don Barbara on his phone about the egg.  They even follow him to the edge of the dome in the morning once the cold temperatures miraculously broke.  Hunter is caught communicating with men on the outside via notepads about the egg.  He’s forced to reveal that he was sent there by Don and has been updating him all along.  I can’t wait until Barbie hears this truth about his new friend.

Norrie seemed so sure that no one on the outside can touch the egg but I highly doubt that.  If Pauline/Melanie/Sam/Lyle were once considered friendly with the egg, and later Joe/Norrie/Angie/Junior, who is to say there’s never been another generation of teenagers with a connection to this mystery?  Maybe Melanie’s parents knew about it, and considering Don is also Barbie’s dad, that could be a possibility.

Only two episodes left this season!  How do you see it all ending?  Are you hopeful for a third season?

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