Does Frozen 2 Take Place in the Marvel Universe?

Does Frozen 2 Take Place in the Marvel Universe?

Only because of Disney owning Marvel and now the X-Men thanks to its acquisition of Fox does this theory, which is expanded upon by Michael Jung of ScreenRant, stand a chance of really being taken seriously. Otherwise it would be a nice fantasy and little else, but in this current era it’s definitely something to think about. If Frozen 2 can take place in the same universe as Marvel, or at least in an alternate multiverse that is still connected to Marvel, then Elsa might actually be one of the first mutants apart from several others that are obviously much, much older, as Apocalypse still holds a record for being such an individual. While Frozen would have us all believe that there is a great deal of magic that can explain how some people have a certain affinity for animals and their feelings and others can have strange powers such as the ability to create water vapor and even create life, there’s a good indication that such powers are the genetic gifts that are seen as being handed down throughout generations as we’ve seen in the X-Men and every comic that is associated with them. In this manner, Arendelle would be one of the only places in the world actually ruled by a mutant for a time.

Even more interesting though is the idea that stems from the X-Men that the mutant gene is typically inherited through the male parent, as mentioned in the second X-Men movie. If this is still something that holds up then it would mean that Anna and Elsa’s father carried the mutant gene and that somehow this interacted with whatever their mother carried and affected Elsa far more than Anna. The idea that Anna had powers at one time is something that many fans have spoken about and wanted to see since one sister having the power of ice and the other having the power of fire would be kind of interesting and very telling since a redhead and a blonde do seem like opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to personality sometimes, as Anna and Elsa certainly do. But there is also the theory that once her knowledge of magic was taken by Pappy as a young girl, so too were her powers taken from her. It might have been that taking her powers was the only way to keep both girls safe and to keep what was happening to Elsa from happening to Anna in a much different fashion. Just imagine if Anna did have fire powers and went out of control, Arendelle would have had more to worry about than an endless winter, it would have burned to the ground had Anna been unable to stop.

Now that Frozen 2 is out in theaters it might behoove people to go and see it at least once just to get the gist of this article and the theory and think that it’s very possible that the X-Men might one day be connected with Arendelle, no matter how crazy it might seem. Whether or not the theories will hold out is kind of hard to say since magic and innate abilities seem to go hand in hand at Disney and are hard to tell apart at times. But one thing that seems interesting is to compare Iceman and Elsa with one another and really nail down their skills with their power. Iceman is an Omega-level mutant, and while he has his faults at times he’s still immensely powerful since he controls water, ice, and vapor much the same way as Elsa does, but some would call his skill a little cruder, maybe even more rudimentary, than Elsa’s. One way to argue this is to look at their mastery over their forms. Elsa is able to create a flowing dress from water vapor and ice that not only lasts, but moves perfectly with her and looks for all the world like a regular gown that anyone could wear. Iceman on the other hand looks a bit clunky in his ice form and can’t really seem emulate clothing, as it’s his body more or less on display. But the difference here is that while Elsa can garb herself in ice-based clothing, Iceman has yet to see the full potential of his powers. What might give her an edge on him is that she can actually create living, thinking beings like Olaf, where Iceman can create constructs but that’s about the limit of them at this time.

It might be interesting down the road to see if the Frozen and X-Men stories collide, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it since it doesn’t sound like something that Disney would do unless they needed the money or were secure enough that they could fool around a bit and take the loss. It might work in the comics though.

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