The Top Five Armin Mueller-Stahl Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Armin Mueller-Stahl Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Armin Mueller-Stahl Movie Roles of His Career

Armin Mueller-Stahl is a German actor that has become quite well known in his career as a very astute individual and very devoted to his roles. He typically plays someone that is either shrouded in mystery or is incredibly influential, or both. In a lot of his roles within the past twenty to thirty years he’s been that kind of character that you either don’t want to associate with because he’s so difficult or can’t figure out because he seems to live part of his life in the shadows and is extremely guarded. His characters usually aren’t the lead but they’re pivotal to the story and can create some very big problems for the lead or can help them out in some way.

Either way he’s usually a pretty big deal in the movie.

5. The Game

This is one of the only movies I could find in which he’s still a notable character but is not the pivotal person he usually is. Regardless of that Armin is still someone you end up remembering since he’s a very easy character to recall. There’s just something about him that you can’t help but remember, some quality he has that makes his face stand out.

4. The International 

He gets to play the role of the good guy in this one trying to bring down the corrupt banking system that is in control of so much of the world’s fortune and is up to some very shady deals. It seems like he enjoys playing the kind of person that is the information trove for other characters, almost like the gatekeeper of valuable intel that can help the lead figure out where to go next.

3. Angels & Demons

In this film he gets to play a Cardinal who is intent on helping Langdon out by giving him a text that he sorely needs to figure out what to do next.  That role of being the keeper of information must be how he’s typecast since he tends to show up in the same role over and over. It suits him though since he can play if off very easily and doesn’t seem to slip.

2. The X-Files

This is where he gets shady again as he is a part of the shadowy group that is steadily working with the black oil that was evident in the series as well. The aliens that the group are working are trying to do something that might be explained once or twice but is still not known well enough by those who aren’t diehard X-Files fans to really remember.

1. Shine

If you have a son that’s a musical prodigy you would think that you’d try to cultivate that and make certain that he took his place in the world as was expected. But as David’s father Armin is just a soul-crushing individual that doesn’t want his son going anywhere because he doesn’t want to let his family be torn apart. Sometimes you’ve got to let the birds leave the nest and fly.

Something about him is just so mesmerizing.

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