What We Learned from The Top Gun: Maverick Second Trailer

What We Learned from The Top Gun: Maverick Second Trailer

Top Gun Maverick

There are a few things to take from the second Top Gun: Maverick trailer, and a lot of them have to do with the attitude issues that plagued the first movie, which people are no doubt going to love. Well, to start with Maverick is back obviously and he’s fully enjoying the ability to fly as usual, though his attitude hasn’t changed much. He’s gotten a bit older, hopefully at least a little wiser, but he hasn’t lost the ability to hot dog and show up other recruits as it looks like he’s going to be schooling the newest recruits in this movie with the moves that landed him in hot water in the first movie. But hey, the new recruits are already looking as though they think they’re hot stuff too, so it might do them some good to remember that those who came before them were flying circles around people before they were able to figure out how walk and chew gum at the same time. In other words this movie is looking like a pure ego trip for Maverick as well as a big reality check that’s bound to hit him yet again since it looks as though someone’s going to be lost, or perhaps he’ll be thinking of a painful memory at some point in the movie.

Thus far a lot of people are anticipating the movie in a big way since it’s been on the minds of many folks for a while now. The next Top Gun movie has been talked about since the first mention was made and thus far it’s been building and building until this moment. And next spring leading into summer you can bet that people are going to start busting out their jackets and sunglasses and will be fully ready for the movie to hit theaters. From the look to the catchphrases to the code names you’ll be likely to see and hear it all eventually since Top Gun was one of the most popular movies of its time and one of those that elevated Tom Cruise in a big way, helping to further cement his status as a star and creating another character that people would be talking about for years to come. Watching Maverick run his hand along the nose cone of the jet you can’t help but think that it’s like two old friends finally getting back together, as it sounds as though Maverick will have been languishing a bit before being brought back to the Top Gun program as an instructor. Tyler McCarthy of Fox News has his own opinion of the coming movie.

What’s really amusing is that the students think that two craft against one is an unfair challenge, while in truth they might need another one or two jets on their side to really stand a chance against Maverick. The humbling that needs to be experienced by both students and teacher is something that might be kind of interesting to watch since it’s obviously never taken hold with Maverick according to this trailer. That could be a good thing though since sometimes to humble someone you have to break them, and once they’re broken they’re never as good as they could have been, and those in the Top Gun program need to be at their absolute best since it’s a not program for the meek. But did anyone see Val Kilmer in there anywhere? I’m certain that several people have already broken down the trailer frame by frame, so maybe there’s news somewhere that someone has to share on whether or not Iceman makes an appearance, but it would be great to see him back since Val Kilmer was one of the great parts of the original movie and keeping him involved would be a very good idea. Kyle Mizokami of Popular Mechanics has more to say about the movie.

All in all this movie looks like it’s on track to be one of the better action movies of the summer and possibly gain a great deal of attention. Even better is the fact that it’s not a reboot or a remake but a continuation of a movie that a lot of people still think highly of and one that was wildly popular back in the day. Too many movies have been coming out lately that are remakes, reboots, or even continuations of movies that weren’t all that great when they first came out. Top Gun is looking to break that trend and it’s already looking up thanks to this trailer since the maneuvers that are being pulled just in the two minutes that are shown are crazy enough that they might actually top the original movie in some respects. Think of how much the technology and procedures have changed in the last few decades and you’ll get a good idea of just what to expect this next summer. That need for speed is coming around again, and people are already feeling it.

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