Why We’ll Be Watching “House of Gucci”

Why We’ll Be Watching “House of Gucci”

It’s not entirely accurate to say that we’re going to be watching House of Gucci for a lot of realism since that’s not really what happens during movies and TV shows that are based on real stories. But it might be better to state that people will be tuning in to see how Adam Driver and Lady Gaga do in the roles of Maurizio Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani since it’s very likely that people will judge this project on the two of them initially and then take everything else into account. It’s not much of a concern since both are great actors and have proven this multiple times over the years, but the Gucci story is one that a lot of people have spoken about over the years and is also still kind of a controversial tale that many people would love to chime in on when it comes to their opinion and what they think really happened. Reggiani was sent to prison for the murder of her husband after all after being accused of hiring the hitman that killed Gucci back in 1995. The fact that she had a brain tumor and that this was blamed for her erratic behavior is a sticking point with a lot of people, but the story has continued to be something that many people still remember and choose to bring up on occasion.

How the story goes really depends on who gets asked since the whole idea of Gucci deserving the ending he was given might be seen as justified by some people but would be looked at as heinous by others. Plus, the idea of Reggiani being allowed to walk free after it was determined that her brain tumor was causing her to act out in a very uncommon manner might set some people to boiling, but it would be perfectly reasonable to others. That’s the problem with such stories, with any story in fact, since there’s not enough solid evidence other than what was found and quite a few people were ready to rush in to offer up their two cents. In the world of fashion, one might not think that people might act like this, but the thing is that they’re still human, and as such, they’re still prone to as many different behaviors that everyone else has. Thinking that having money, power, and influence makes a person different than anyone else is the belief that human nature will change overnight because of the wealth and status that is afforded those that find themselves at the top of society where they believe little if anything can touch them. The stark reality is that having more money and more influence tends to make people bigger targets and life a little more dangerous, especially if they’re not into the whole idea of keeping a low profile or learning how to treat people in a manner that won’t anger them beyond belief.

Some might find it kind of macabre to keep telling a story such as this, but when a person really thinks about it, this is what sells. People pay big money to see drama, murder, carnage, and the ruination of other people. This is something that gets vilified and preached over time after time, but those same people that are telling others that it’s not to be glamorized are often those that enjoy their own fair share of drama that is just as fictionalized as anything else. The fact that this is based around a true story is a little more troubling than many other stories, but the continual fact is that people will pay to see some of the most troubling and messed-up stories that can be told, whether they’re based on real-life or not. The Gucci story is one that hit a lot of people like a ton of bricks since it wasn’t entirely expected, but for some, it wasn’t likely to be unexpected since Gucci was known to have a few enemies after being described as a ruthless businessman, not to mention the part of the story where he left his wife and family behind for another woman. Given the story that’s been told more than once since it happened, Gucci was a man that many admired, but it could be that he had as many detractors when the truth was told since anyone that would hire a hitman to shoot someone in plain sight is bound to be arrogant enough to think that they might get away with it. When all is said and done though the coming project is going to be under heavy scrutiny to get at least a few things right since stories such as this are usually those that people seeing told in as realistic a fashion as possible. With Driver and Gaga it could easily happen, but we’ll see.

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