Does Anyone Really Care About a Fight Between Mike Tyson and Logan Paul?

Is anyone else waiting to hear the punch line when it comes to Logan Paul in a boxing ring? His ‘fights’ with retired professional boxers have been little more than exhibition matches, and on top of that, his self-professed fighting style is the kind of joke that many have already grown tired of. But turning professional boxing into a sideshow has started to irk quite a few people even though plenty will still pay to see the spectacle in the hope that Paul will finally get the comeuppance that many feel he deserves. For far too long now it would appear that the Paul brothers have been making good by being the biggest goofs they can be and backing it up with the idea that they’re rich, famous, and that people love them. The unfortunate part of this is that it can’t really be disputed since no matter what, people have proven that they’re willing to give their money to the clown show much as they would to the circus in the hopes of seeing something funny. The problem with Paul is that he relies on the fact that humor takes many different forms, which is certainly true considering that he and his brother Jake have made a ton of money off of those that are willing to laugh at their antics.

Sadly, it would appear that even celebrities are chiming in to give props to the Pauls since Mike Tyson apparently praised Logan for how he handled himself in the Mayweather fight that turned out to be, in the eyes of many, a running joke of a match that showed just how unskilled Logan really is. Many will come to his defense and say that he has a low level of skill and that he might reach an intermediate level, but they must be watching a different fight since the plodding steps of Paul don’t make him appear ready to take on an amateur boxer, much less those that have been to the top of the mountain in their profession. Many people have already said plenty about the exhibition match, but the truest words are that if things were taken seriously, we wouldn’t be hearing from Paul for a long time to come. The reason? He’d be nursing his wounds for the next few months and trying to salvage whatever was left of his pride if he didn’t end up in the hospital that is. 

A lot of people felt cheated after paying to see Logan and Floyd get down to business in the ring, but the sad thing is that people should have expected it since anything having to do with the Paul brothers has become a huge joke that shouldn’t be taken seriously in the first place. Satire and comedy are all well and good when it comes to anything in life and a person has the choice to not watch or walk away from it. But there is a point when treating something as though it’s real only to turn around and produce a Nelson-worthy ‘Ha Ha!’ is enough to get people a bit angry, and rightfully so. In other words, Logan is using his fans as a cushion and a shield from the very real vitriol and disgust that many have lobbed in his direction, and worst of all is that he knows this. 

But to think that he could take on someone like Mike Tyson, who even at this age could light Logan up light the Rockefeller Christmas tree, is a serious slap in the face to the sport that’s been done just to get attention. It’s already fair to say that if Tyson ever did take this challenge that it would be for the paycheck and nothing else and that he would go just as easy on Logan as the other boxers have. What people, and Logan, need to finally understand is that even an old boxer, especially if they keep in shape, can still hurt someone if they have the inclination. It’s very true that some boxers start to cripple up as they get older, but those that Logan has faced, and Tyson, are still in great shape, and if the exhibition matches had been for real, Logan would be a very broken individual by now and his body would likely already be failing him. He’s not a boxer, he’s more akin to a rodeo clown with boxing gloves. 

But if he wants Tyson to fight him one can only guess that it will happen since Tyson might want the paycheck and Logan will want everyone thinking he’s the baddest man on the planet. Maybe then he’d have the guts to step in an octagon for a real fight. Who would pay to see Logan Paul get humbled finally? I know my money would be in hand the second it went on PPV. 

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