Director Paul Feig Reveals His Favorite Memory From The Office

It’s tough for some people to pull a single memory from The Office as their favorite since the show honestly had so many great moments that it’s hard to pick. Some people like the dynamic between Pam and, some like the constant battle of wits between Dwight and Jim, and others have their own favorite moments. Paul Feig, who managed to direct several episodes of the show during its run, had his own set of fond memories about The Office, and many of them had to do with the slapstick comedy that was brought forth by Steve Carell, who was by far and large one of the funniest actors on the show. It helps that Carell already had a solid following by the time he came to The Office, as his roles in Bruce Almighty, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin made him a definite hit with many fans. By the time he was cast on The Office his star was still rising in a big way, though he did start making a move towards drama eventually.

Carell’s work on The Office as the slightly inept character of Michael Scott was a laugh riot some days even if he was kind of a cringe-worthy character at times. It does feel that this could be said about a few of the characters since their behavior at times was definitely beyond anything that people might think about doing in real life. But one of Feig’s absolute favorite moments came during the episode in which Michael had to sign for his condo and was supposed to hyperventilate and collapse on the stove, tearing the kitchen apart as he went down. Obviously Carell had to do the take a few times, and he had Feig in stitches most of the time as it was hard to even direct apparently thanks to Carell’s antics.

But that was a part of why the show was so well-liked since this was the type of humor that was dished out so often that people couldn’t help but tune in from time to time or on a regular basis to get their dose of hilarity. It’s not much of a wonder that any director of the show would have been cracking up at the antics of the cast since it feels as though this was a fun show to film at times, though it’s likely that there were moments that were less than amusing. One has to remember that there were a few people on the cast that needed to be kept up with when it came to keeping them all happy and engaged with what was going on at any given time. Working with so many egos in the same room had to be a little tense at times, but it also feels as though in order to keep things going that the environment was fairly loose as well and might not have been that uptight. If anything, Steve Carrell’s sense and style of humor could have kept things running smoothly, or at least helped a great deal, since the show did manage to last for a while.

Plenty of people were sorry to see The Office go, and many have been talking about a reunion show, including a few of the actors that made the program so great. But like all things, The Office had run its course, and with Steve Carell moving on, albeit reluctantly, it felt like it was time to either change it up in a drastic way or simply move on. It wasn’t quite the same show without Michael since he was one of the key pieces that were needed in order to make the whole thing work. There are a few key characters that would have been sorely missed, and pretty much everyone in the show would have at least raised questions if they were taken off prematurely. But losing Michael was kind of a hard blow to take, and while the show lasted for a while longer, it just didn’t feel the same, and eventually things had to come to a close. If we’ll ever see anything related to The Office again it’s likely that it won’t be anytime soon, but people are bound to hope for the best.

It’s obvious that a show is funny when it can make the person that’s directing it bust-up, and Feig was definitely all about Steve Carell’s character it’s fair to say that he had a bit of fun with the show and enjoyed his time as the director. It does feel as though this show would have been a lot of fun to work on some days, though it’s just as likely that there might have been days when the humor was needed to get through the day. After all, not every day the office is perfect.

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