Diego Luna is Officially Cast in Scarface Remake

Diego Luna is Officially Cast in Scarface Remake

I think that everyone over the age of 35 is collectively thinking “please don’t tell me a Scarface remake is actually happening.”  However, it is, and the movie has just signed on its star to play the legendary Tony Montana who was originally immortalized by Al Pacino.  Diego Luna, who most recently played the anti-hero in Star Wars: Rogue One, will turn to the dark side and play Montana in the new Scarface.

According to Variety, Luna is attached to the reimagining of the 1983 Brian de Palma film, which was itself a remake of the 1932 original. However, he probably won’t be playing the same character as Al Pacino’s Tony Montana, with the new story instead focusing on a Mexican immigrant (rather than the previous film’s Cuban) coming to Los Angeles in keeping with Luna’s own background.

All things considered this movie might have a chance.  It’s being written by Terence Winter, creator of Boardwalk Empire.   No director has been identified yet.    Every part of me doesn’t want this movie to happen, and yet my curiosity is certainly struck.  I happen to like Diego Luna and think he could probably pull of the role.  But there are huge questions.

What angle is Winter going to take in the writing?  Is he going to make it an over the top curse and violence fest like Oliver Stone did in the original?  When you think about Scarface the movie is almost a parody within itself.  It’s incredibly over the top, has cheesy music, lines, everything you can imagine.  And yet it worked because I’m pretty sure even audiences knew that the movie had to have been making fun of itself.  And even if it hadn’t.  Even if the movie tried to make a statement, it still came off as cheesy, but legendary at the same time.

It’ll be interesting to see what direction Terence Winter and whatever director signs on takes.  Frankly I’m not very optimistic but since every movie is a reboot these days, I’d give it a shot.


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