Desperate Housewives 7.06 “Excited and Scared” Review

In light of last night being Halloween, I will give Desperate Housewives a pass on not being able to draw me in this week. With horror movie marathons, Halloween parties, trick or treating duties and the premiere of The Walking Dead all in one night, it is kind of hard to outshine such stiff competition. Rest assured DH fans, if you are waiting for a DVR viewing, then you didn’t miss too much.

Fear of Losing Yourself

Allison Scavo’s illness was finally realized by Tom, but come on, did we really think it would take a long time before this “secret” would come out? I personally thought Penny would be the one to unearth this onto her parents, but it was Lynette herself who found out that Allison needed to see a doctor and fast. I was kind of frustrated with Tom at first, and even suggesting that he knew about his mother’s condition and in turn, decided to ignore it. Then I realized the man didn’t have a clue in the world, which made his discovery of this tragedy so profound. Seeing Tom trying to deal with this life changing event put some fear into my heart, because even though I’m nowhere near his age, I dread the day he experienced last night. It’s a spirit killer and signifies an unwanted milestone in the lives of a mother and her children, which is that nothing will ever be the same again and the clock is ticking ever so quickly.

Fear of Not Being In Control

Paul Young keeps getting creepier and creepier, but tonight he got to deal with the problems of his own instead of instituting issues for other people. Okay, I lied, but still. Beth still won’t consummate her marriage with Paul with sex, which is driving the mad man even more crazy. Beth is starting to annoy me some, but I blame it mostly on not knowing what her deal is. I’m still certain that Felicia Tillman’s name is all over this mess, but I’m sure the writers might try to yank the rug from up under me again and Beth will be some innocent bystander. I hope that doesn’t come true. After slapping the hell out of Paul and getting kicked out the house by him as retaliation, Beth came to her senses and stood by her husband when Susan almost took them out with a club. One would say it was too little too late, but Paul needed some sexual healing and forgave Beth for her past transgressions. What would be cold though is if Paul slept with Beth and still kicked her to the curb. While I think that would be a good twist, I think Beth is too valuable to Paul’s master plan. Whatever that may be…

Fear of Being Cornered

Susan told Mike about everything. The web business, Paul’s blackmail, etc. After all of that, I can’t believe he still managed to put some of the blame on her. Hello?! Mike, dude, it was you who couldn’t swallow your pride and accept your wife’s help to get you out of debt, which put you in the position you guys are in now. To be fair, Mike did want to bash Paul’s skull in for trying to blackmail Susan and took a job offer in Alaska to make matters better. However, this another case of being almost a bit too tardy to the party. Now, Mike has to leave Susan and MJ to fend for themselves against the loon that is Paul Young, who is far from being through with Susan. Sure it’s for a small amount of time, but still… It’s a fort left open and Paul could try to pillage as much as he can, when he can, while Mike is gone.

Fear of Being Unloved

The baby switch story line kind of took a change for the worse, but not creatively. With Juanita becoming more and more jealous of Grace, it’s only a matter of time that the secret will be exposed. My only thing is the way Gaby’s affection between the two girls is becoming highly overt to the point that it’s almost… beyond wrong. Although, the favoritism wasn’t apparent in certain areas of the episode, it showed it’s ugly in two scenes where you couldn’t help but feel Jaunita’s pain. The scene between Carlos and Gaby kind of made up for the overt favoritism, especially when Gaby claimed them as both of her daughters. Carlos, you gotta keep up buddy.

If one thing is for sure, while Grace has inherited Gaby’s sense of style and wanting more, Juanita has sure gained her biological mother’s jealous, hot-headed ways. Am I right or am I wrong?

Fear of a Background Check

Bree’s snag this week with Keith was not only that he had a female roommate (which turned out not to be a bad thing), but the man has a “criminal” history, as well. Thank God it is miniscule, because if Bree caught another psycho, I would’ve asked for her to just hang it up and call it a life.

Hilarious Moments

– Renee’s Greeting Cards. I agreed with her about the “No Kids” rule. Parents need to take that piece of advice and embrace it. Seriously.

– Renee and Bob greeting each other in the same Marilyn Monroe costume.

– Bree’s line about her “frozen smile” coming in handy after finding out the source of Keith’s clean apartment: another woman.

– Paul’s entire teaser opening. The man was about to explode and figuratively and literally.

What did you guys think of last night’s episode? Did you even watch?

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