Desperate Housewives 7.04 “The Thing That Counts Is What’s Inside” Review

After last week’s Desperate Housewives, I knew the “Baby Switch” story line would not be easy and tonight proved just that. Plus, we got a battle (then a truce) in the annual Smackdown of the Wisteria Lane Divas ’10, and Susan’s arc just got interesting. Finally.

Splitting Images

Who else gave a resounding “Oh, hell!” when we were introduced to the Solis’ birth daughter Grace? Or better yet, who gave did the same thing once Mrs. Sanchez opened her mouth an started seething hate at Gaby? I know Gaby crossed the line a couple of times tonight, but jeez Carmen gave her the clearance to go head with that attitude of hers. This is a troubling matter for everyone involved, but I just felt a bit of hatred coming from Carmen Sanchez before Gaby even opened her mouth. While one would say that it’s jealousy or anger at the situation at hand that fuels Carmen’s rage towards Gaby, but I am thinking it has something to do with the gap in social status between them.

With that being said, I kind of agreed with Carlos on the gift exchange thing. It can cause a bit of jealousy in the long run between Grace and Juanita, which can lead to the truth being spilled. Plus, I’m betting that the more Gaby “gives” little Grace, the more the girl will expect it. That, too, can open up a Chanel bag worth of trouble.

Battle of the Wisteria Lane Divas 2010 – We Have A Winner!

Bree came out the clear victor tonight in the fight over Keith, but that doesn’t mean that more trouble is on the horizon for the May-December relationship. Renee is fitting in perfectly with the women, but her story lines are either being rapped up quickly or brushed to the side. I wonder if we will ever revisit the tryst between Renee and Tom anytime soon, because it would be a total waste if it’s not brought up again.

As for Bree, I pray that Keith doesn’t have any baggage on him as did George, Orson, and Karl (you could throw Rex into the mix a well, with the Sam Allen debacle), because she clearly needs some sense of normalcy in her life now. But we shouldn’t hold our breaths right?

Super Sister

It is amazing how far Lynette’s kids have come. It was only yesterday Lynette was rocking Penny the same way she’s taking care of Paige now. I think Lynette will still get the brunt of a lot of bile this week in other reviews due to Penny having to take the baby to school thing. The only complaint that I have? While the stares from the principal’s office was played for laughs, I didn’t care for them one bit. Call me what you want, but nobody’s perfect. I don’t care how many mugs you have to prove otherwise.

Is it just me or is Lynette asking Tom for a nanny a potential new story line involving Lynette’s fear of Tom having a wandering eye? Or will it lead to Tom’s depression resurfacing? Either or is plausible, understandable, and grounds for Tom to finally lose his damn mind.

Susan’s Billboard Dilemma

While I have had a flip flop reaction to Susan’s story line, tonight might have broken that spell. Finally, the little business venture of Susan’s is about to pay off for the viewers invested in it and we are nothing less than welcomed. Maxine told her to get out while she could, but Susan was being a bit too hard headed. It would seem that after seven seasons, Susan would learn by now that when someone tells you to do something, then she should just do it. Now, Susan has a mysterious stalker with her billboard picture in his possession. Who could this person be? Well, I think its Paul Young, but I could be wrong. Maybe someone else in Susan’s past? Or a new potential blackmailer?

The Haunting of Paul Young

What the hell is Paul Young up to? First, he rents Susan’s house, then he purchases his old house, then he’s trying to take Mrs. McCluskey’s house as well? Is he possessed by the ghost of Edie Britt or something? What could he possibly need with all those houses? Something is up and I’m glad that I haven’t figured it out yet like I did last year’s mystery. Plus, I’m going to need Beth to show me something other than being a possible innocent bystander in the equation, a likelihood that is growing more apparent by the week. I bet (hope and pray) that she has some connections with Felicia Tillman.

Another solid entry into Wisteria Lane canon tonight, but I can’t wait for all these story lines to pop during November sweeps. What did you guys think?

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