Desperate Housewives 6.15 “Lovely” Recap

Last time we left Wistera Lane, Gaby and Carlos had dirt on the Bolens, Lynette and Tom were through with marriage counseling, Bree and Orson decided to give it another go, and Susan invited an ex-stripper, Robin, to stay with the Delfinos. This week, we picked up where we left off and it seems that everybody loves Robin. As do I…

The Set Up

The Solises host a “Welcome Back, Katherine!” party for the denizens of Wisteria Lane and Susan brings Robin (special guest star Julie Benz) as her plus one. The party quickly turns into a Welcome to Wisteria Lane party for Robin as the men catch glimpse of her and are enthralled. The ladies, on the other hand, are not. Susan tells them to give Robin a chance, because deep down she is a really good person. It takes six separate stories for them to get this through their head…

Lynette and The Stripper

Lynette is surprised to see a trio of Parker’s “friends” appear at her doorstep one morning. They quickly head upstairs. Tom then surprises Lynette with a antique ring for their anniversary, which she says he will get his gift later that night, but Tom wants it now. They then realize that Parker hasn’t left yet with his friends. Lynette goes to Parker’s room to find him and his friends playing Peeping Tom as they watch Robin taking a shower next door. Lynette marches over and asks for Robin to keep her window closed as she showers. Lynette then amps up by saying that the neighborhood is too good for Robin to be influencing her kids who are still innocent. But Robin burst that bubble by revealing that Parker asked her to have sex with him and even offered to pay for it. That kid has some balls…

Lynette and Tom confront Parker about the incident and he claims that he’s the last virgin among his friends. Ha! Tom tells his son that one day he will find the right woman who will be glad to have sex with him without paying for it and that he just has to wait. After Parker leaves we see where Parker inherited his “balls” from. Tom asks Lynette if Parker bought the ‘not paying for sex’ talk that he just gave him, because in actuality men do have to pay for sex even if it means buying antiquated rings for an anniversary. Really, Tom?!??!

Of course Lynette is pissed and declares no nookie for Tom. But he presses on later that night while in bed, which brings them to the first time Lynette had sex with Tom, who thinks it was because he paid for dinner that night. Lynette corrects him, saying that it was actually the fact that Tom showed that he cared about her by bringing a lightbulb to repair the one outside her apartment, which Tom felt was in a bad area. Tom remembers and asks if that is all it takes to show that he cares then that is easy as 1,2,3. Lynette acknowledges the save with nookie for Tom.

The next day, Lynette apologizes to Robin and Robin accepts. Then she asks Lynette to close her blinds when doing it with Tom. HA!

Bree and the Stripper

Bree and Orson seem to be getting better and Orson more tolerable than the last few episodes this season. But there is still the elephant in the room which is Orson’s disability that is going to be a serious crimp in their sex life.

Robin stops by the next day and asks Bree to help her bake an appreciation cake for Susan and Mike. Bree is very reserved to the free-spirited Robin at first, but the conversation turns to Orson and Bree’s marriage problems, which Robin says could use a little spicing up, regardless of Orson’s condition.

Later, Bree returns home to Orson listening to classical music, a song that hits both of them to the core and Orson dubs as “seductive”. Bree takes this as a sign and decides to do a striptease which leads to a lap dance for Orson. Did I mention that all of this was awkward as hell? Orson sure as hell agrees and it takes Bree trying to remove her top (it gets caught on her earring) to stop the “seductive” mood. Orson accidently rolls over Bree’s toes and she collapses. Bree tries to explain that she wanted to rekindle the physical flame between the two of them, which Orson says he didn’t think she would want to with him being crippled so he never asked. Bree declares that it will be difficult at first, but they have to at least try to rekindle the love physically. Even if it means just holding hands in bed, which Bree thinks is missing on component: Orson.

He motions for Bree to sit on his lap and when she asks if it is okay, Orson clicks back on the CD and tells Bree that having her in his arms while the music plays is just right. Awwww.

Gaby and the Stripper

Gaby and Carlos discuss the situation with the Bolens and how they don’t want Ana anywhere near Danny. Carlos wants to go with forcing Ana to not see Danny, but Gaby has another idea: ship Ana off to modeling school.

But after she breaks the news of modeling school to Ana, the teen girl doesn’t want to go. Why? Because she and Danny have plans to go to New York together after she graduates high school. Womp womp.

As Gaby tells her story to Susan over a glass of wine, Robin remarks how she used to study ballet and that she was offered a once in a lifetime chance as well. She, too, turned it down over a boy, but it didn’t end well, because said boy dumped her two months later and then right after that she had a car accident that injured her knee. Gaby comes up with another plan: she wants Robin to tell her sob story to Ana to knock some sense into her and to dump Danny. But Gaby leaves that last part out from Robin. After Ana breaks the news to Danny (after the talk with Robin, of course), he is not happy, which prompts Ana to break up with him. Gaby is elated and the next day she thanks Robin for helping her break up Ana and Danny. Robin is not happy about this, because she didn’t know that the talk with Ana was about that and she tells Gaby that she felt used and doesn’t like it. Gaby ignores this and again thanks Robin. But it is now Robin with a plan: she tells Danny Bolen the truth.

Later that night, Gaby and Carlos have a glass of wine over their ‘triumph’ but are unaware that Danny has called a taxi and is on his way to be with Ana.

Susan and the Stripper

Mike complains about back pains and it takes Robin to help pop Mike’s back back into place. She tells them that he knowledge of back work comes from helping fellow strippers with their backs after riding up and down poles all night. This girl is a jack of all trades isn’t she? But Susan is not bothered by this until Mike’s back tends to go out a lot now and it is always Robin who helps get it back into place. Now, Susan starts to get a peeved. So when Mike whines once again about his back, Susan insists on doing it since Robin wasn’t around. Mike doesn’t think Susan knows that she is doing, but she declares that Robin isn’t a licensed doctor either, which is true.

But Susan ends up putting Mike in the hospital and I can’t imagine the Mayer-Delfino medical bills since they stay in there 24/7. Anyway, Robin shows up and asks Susan why didn’t she let her work on Mike’s back and Susan reveals that she was not comfortable with a stripper touching her husband. Robin has had it with people calling her a stripper and she tells Susan this. She then thinks that it is best that she move out to preserve her friendship with Susan. I’m falling in love with Robin…

Katherine and the Stripper

So Robin moves out if Susan’s spot and right in with Katherine. The two women bond over Katherine’s stay at the mental institute and Robin’s abusive childhood courtesy of her mother. The two decide to have a girls’ night out with drinks. They go to a nice bar/restaurant where they are approached by two men who would like the women to join them at their table. After thinking it over, Robin and Katherine join the men and are quickly turned off by the men prodding to know Robin’s occupation. When the men don’t stop guessing, Katherine out that Robin was a stripper to shut them up. But this doesn’t stop them, and Robin pulls an ace out her sleeve. She kisses Katherine and act as if they are a couple and they leave the men dumbfounded.

Back at home, Katherine talks about her love life and how she should just stop dating altogether, but Robin gives Katherine another option: broaden her horizons. Hint hint. Katherine is shocked to find out that Robin plays for both teams and is leaning on the other side of the fence at the moment. Robin gives Katherine another shot, but this time Katherine turns it down. She then asks Katherine if that will be a problem between the two of them and Katherine states that it will not. But it is clear that Katherine is highly intrigued by her new roommate.


Robin bumps into Mrs. McCluskey, who asks if the neighborhood is treating her fairly given her past profession. Robin responds that they are and that the best thing about the new change of scenery for her is that people actual see her, aka ‘notices’ her for her personality and not her body. She loves that. And we hear Mary Alice narrate that Robin showed Gaby her morality, Susan her loyalty, Bree her insight, and Lynette her forgiving nature. But it’s Katherine who might love all of those attributes… and more.


The Wisteria Lane Ledger

– That Robin. She could be Edie Britt’s replacement in the sex pot category and boy does she seem well rounded. I bet most people will feel that Robin’s life (past and present) was a little too convenient for the residents of Wisteria Lane, but I thought it worked and it shows how Robin could fit in the neighborhood if Marc Cherry gives her a permanent residence. God, please let that happen!!!!!

– Katherine falling in love with Robin? Should we place this in the “lesbian for sweeps” ratings ploy box or just a great new story line for Katherine?

So what do you guys think? Did Robin make a bigger impact this time rather than her intro appearance? Should we start the campaign to get Julie Benz a regular stint on the show? I could go on about other things, but let’s face it. This episode was all about Robin and I, for one, enjoyed every minute of it. How about you?


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