Desperate Housewives 7.14 “Flashback” Review

Last night’s Desperate Housewives (if you weren’t enthralled by the Grammys) was all about the past coming to bite you in the ass. While the episode title threw me off a bit, especially since only one character had a short “flashback,” it’s resonance with the episode became clear by the end of the episode as the characters centered last night kind of had metaphorical flashbacks to times they wish they could just forget.

Zach Young is The Gunman

So it’s truly confirmed thar Zach Young is the person behind Paul Young’s shooting, but before we bring out the bells and whistles, it’s is also apparently clear that life hasn’t treated Zach so well since we last saw him. He blew all of his money and is now a druggie, which is a far cry from the Zach we were introduced to all the way back in Season One. While I understand that Paul was not Ward Cleaver in terms of parenting, or as a human being, can Zach really use Paul as a sign for all his troubles? It’s not like Paul had a hand in Zach swindling all his money up his nose. Now that Zach has both of his fathers back into his life, I wonder what the endgame will be with this storyline? Susan’s no longer in danger, Paul’s plan of vengeance has come and gone. So what’s next?

Stalker Kidney

Just when we think Susan has found an easy out with her kidney problem, the donor turns out to be fairly eerie and more than “10% stalkerish.” Dave Foley played the creep card to the infinite power, but did it to the point that it wasn’t menacing or deadly. Despite his issues, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for Monroe (Foley) to an extent. But all that went out the window when he rescended his offer to donate, because Susan didn’t feel the same way as he did. This bugged me for more reasons than Monroe’s unstable mind frame. For instance, if those two were catching up, why on earth didn’t Susan not mention Mike or MJ? That should’ve been one of the first things that came up during their catching up session, which would’ve saved both of them the personal heartbreak they experienced in the matter.

On the flip side, Susan’s storylines this year have been hella blah. After this kidney issue raps up, the writers best try to work on returning her to Wisteria Lane, because Susan is getting her fair share of the crazies this year.

Frank, We Hardly Knew Ye…

Just as soon as I was getting used to Larry Hagman’s Frank, they killed him off!!! Talk about a waste of the man’s acting! Was I the only one who was hoping Frank was playing a prank to see if Stella was coming after his money? It’s sad to see Hagman go so damn soon, but we should rejoice in the fact that he will back on our screens as J.R. Ewing again on TNT’s Dallas.

As for Lynette and Stella, the past of them two not getting along might rear its ugly head again, because mone changes people as Tom said and it seems like Stella has become the latest victim of its wile charms.

Gaby’s Childhood Attacks Her Adulthood

Was I the only one who thought Gaby’s revelation was already suggested years ago? Through all the comedic dramatics of the night with her, I knew from gate that Gaby’s childhood involved sexual abuse, but the reason why I knew was because I could’ve sworn she has mentioned it before in the past. She didn’t say much about it then, but it was clearly implied that he stepfather was not a man of honor. While I understand all too well how sexual abuse can affect a person’s life, it’s not pulling the correlation between losing her blood daughter and the doll situation. I get where her past could factor into that scenario, but I’m not buying it at this point, because the problem was losing Grace and not being able to get her back. In other words, Carlos needs to learn how to deal with Gaby’s emotions and why his tyranny attitude on the subject only made things worse.

Like Father, Like Son

Bree came clean about Keith’s son after seeing the two bond so well with each other after a chance encounter. While there wasn’t much reaction out of Keith, instead of dumbfounded shock, I’m pretty sure the sparks might fly next week and Bree might want to head for cover. As for the chance encounter, I was praying that Amber (Rochelle Aytes) had not left Charlie and ran off with Bree’s money, because her lurking outside Bree’s window at the start of the episode looked like a precursor to such an act. It looks like that wasn’t the case, but wonder what the conversation was once Amber got back from the bank?

The truly sad thing about this episode? It was the show’s lowest rated episode ever, due to ABC’s lack of judgment concerning airing it against the most watched Grammys since 2001. Shame, shame, shame.

What did you guys think?


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