Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Abigail Questions Eli

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Abigail Questions Eli

Days of Our Lives fans know that Rafe is not in a good place right now. He suspects — finally — that there is a situation with Hope that is not right. He’s taken long enough, right? She’s been living her life as Princess Gina for more than a year now, and no one has suspected a thing about it, and that makes us nearly crazy trying to believe it. But, he finally suspects, and finding Princess Gina in her secret place makes it all seem clearer to him. Now he knows, and his hunt for Rolf just became more important than it was before. He has to get her back to her former self and get rid of this awful woman. She’s in a bad place, too, though, as John just decided to take his wife’s feelings into consideration more than anyone else’s, and now she has to deal with that.

Victor suspects there might be a problem with Ciara, too, and we cannot handle that at all. His suspicions might put her life in danger, and it’s not like she has her mother around to make sure she’s all right. Even she has no idea that her mother is living her life as a different woman, and we are beside ourselves about that one, too. There’s just so much going on that we cannot handle in the moment, and we worry for her. She has been so caught up in making some bad choices in her life, trying to get Ben free, and trying to make sure things are taken care of that she’s lost herself, and she’s in a poor place. If Victor can verify she’s lying to him, her life is in danger, and he doesn’t even care she’s family.

What’s Happening on Days of Our Lives

We love this.

What’s Next on Days of Our Lives

Kate has a secret, and Roman has decided that there is now a time and a place in which he must interfered. This time and this place is right now, and he’s ready for things to come his way. He’s going to realize that she’s got a person hiding in her room, and he might just decide it’s time to either confront her or to simply go after this person on his own. Which will it be as the weekend comes to a start? And then there is Gabi, who is not even remotely okay when she gets a phone call from Kristin. She is nothing short of shocked. Where has she been all this time? She didn’t think she’d ever hear from her again, and it will not be the same from now on.

Abigail is not a stupid woman, and she’s a good friend. This is why she is asking Eli what is going on with him and with Gabi. She knows that he cannot possibly truly love a woman like Gabi when he had so much love with Lani, and she is not wrong about any of it. She’s got so much to ask, and so many things in her mind and in her life, but she’s not sure how to focus on those, where to go with them, and how to live her life with them. But, right now, she’s got some questions she needs answered, and they all start with this. Stefano is also around, and he is about to get a visitor that will shock him into tomorrow. We cannot wait to see what and who it is.

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