Days of Our Lives: Hope is Hopeless

Days of Our Lives fans know Hope is struggling. She’s jobless, she’s man-less, and her entire life is changing right before her eyes all because of her personal decisions — which are not, by the way, wrong. She’s made the decisions she felt good about, and they are backfiring on her in a major way. But at least she has her moral compass, right? And she has her daughter back. She’s happy that Ciara is home and with her again, but is she really happy?

Ciara seems very disturbed at the moment, and we can’t help but think that there is something else going on here. She’s in a mood, and even her own father told Hope that she’s in a place where things aren’t good. She’s out of control with her doings and her happenings, and Hope has to find a way to reign her in. Can she do it? We think there’s a good chance that Hope is only going to find that her daughter is worse off than she thought.

She’s not in a good place, and it’s not good for anyone. There’s nothing she can do, but her own daughter is causing her more problems than she can handle right now. She’s just another hard situation in her current hard situation. It’s not good, but things aren’t going to change for her at the moment. We don’t know if she is emotionally ready to handle this. She’s got too much on her mind right now.

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