Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Kate Reveal Her Source?

Days of Our Lives fans aren’t surprised that Kate has managed to find herself in the middle of this entire situation with Ben and Will and the fact that Will might not actually be dead. She went directly to Clyde to find out the truth, and we hear that the truth is exactly what she found out. She was told by Clyde that a reliable inmate they all know and trust told him that Will is alive and he’s not dead, and now Kate has to break that news to people. She’s going to tell Roman, John, and Marlena what she knows.

And we are going to get a name. We don’t know yet who this person is, but we know it is someone whom they all know and they apparently trust, which means the news might be very valid. With this name comes some serious consideration. If Will is really alive, where do they all stand? What is their chances of finding him, and what is Dr. Rolf doing with this young man? We know he is coming back to the show, too.

Will he really have Will? And what is he doing to him? What does he want and what is he testing, and what is the purpose of this? And how will it affect the lives of all these people who thought they lost him when he was dead and they all said goodbye? We don’t know, but we will find out here in the next few weeks or so.

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