Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Will Sonny and Paul Make It?

Days of Our Lives fans are going into the weekend with more questions than answers, and we don’t know what to say about any of that other than wait until next week when things really do change for the better. There is a chance we are going to get some serious answers about things we weren’t sure about, and one of them might be Will. For one, though, we need to focus on the fact that Paul lied to Sonny for his own version of a good reason. He didn’t want to stress him out more and cause further health problems when he was already in the hospital struggling to get better.

But Sonny does not see it that way. Sonny sees it as a fit of jealously in which Paul selfishly didn’t want him to know that Will was a live because it might mean he loses Sonny. We don’t think that is the reason, but there is always a chance it might be a part of the reason he didn’t say a word to him. All we know is there is a good chance things might not work out now, and we can’t see Sonny getting over this in the near future.

What might happen when these two figure things out and Will is located? We know he will be found soon, but what happens to these two with this awful truth over their heads? Paul thought he was doing the right thing, but there is always a chance Sonny is at least a little bit right.

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