Days of Our Lives In-Depth: Looking at Nicole

Days of Our Lives fans are not sure what to do about Kristin/Nicole. This is one of the most interesting story lines of the year so far, and we are just sitting here wondering how to go about doing this and figuring it all out. We are all wondering when the truth will come out, and we have a few things to discuss with you guys about how this all might end. There are a few things we want to delve into before this week comes to a close, and we are happy to get that started right now. One of the most important things, of course, is what is going on with Nicole and the people in her life. Hang on, because this is about to be a crazy ride.

She’s Alive

The problem is that many people wonder if Nicole is really alive. She’s been dead, and what are the chances of her coming back to life not once but twice? The simple fact of the matter, however, is that Xander is a problem for everyone. And, he is a problem that will not go away. He has a lot on his plate right now, and he is not going to sit back and let her go free. He has her, alive, but she’s not well. She is sick. She is scared, and she is not going to get out of this alive without someone looking for her. The problem is that no one is looking for her. They all assume she is alive and well because she is right there in their faces looking like she’s back and she’s well, and no one knows that she is Kristin. Well, Xander knows because they are working together to make this happen.

Maggie Knows

Maggie knows that Kristin is Kristin, but she might not really remember that she knows. You see, she’s drunk again. She was drunk when she saw Kristin without the Nicole mask on, and she’s sure of what she saw. However, it’s hard to be sure you’re sure when you have a mask on one hand and you have someone telling you that you are drunk and wrong and old on the other hand. We are not sure how this will work for her, but we do know that there is a good chance she is going to have more problems than she is not going to have, and that is a real thing. She’s sure she knows this is true, but she might just think that it was some sort of horrible dream that she had while she was passed out. She’s not sure she’s sure, but she’s sure. Does that make sense? Meanwhile, who will believe her if she tells anyone?

Xander Can be Bought

There is a thing about Xander that most people know, and that is that he is not someone who can keep a secret for long if the price is right. He might not be sure that things are what they seem, but he will spill anything for the right price. And, we have a feeling this is one of those things he will gladly share with the world if only someone shares with him what is going on. Of course, we don’t know for certain that things will turn out that way for him, but what do we know? If someone comes to him with the right amount of money, he might be willing and able to share this news.

Additionally, he is a man who likes to win, and he might like to tell everyone that she is alive and that they’ve been played if he has a chance. He’s got a hot temper, and this is one of those things he would do just to get one up on someone else. But, that doesn’t seem to matter to anyone else and their situation right now. They have some big problems to live with, and that might make some big changes possible in the lives of many. For now, though, we are just glad that everyone is going to know that she is alive, well, and in need of rescuing. Perhaps they will find her once they realize this.

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