Days of Our Lives: Gabi Gets the Truth from Eli

Days of Our Lives fans can expect to see Gabi’s life go from bad to worse today. Not only is she on trial for the murder of Andre she did not commit, she’s about to find out that her boyfriend slept with Lani on Christmas Eve and cheated on her, lied to her, and even got Lani pregnant. And this is all going to cause her to reel. She’s not expecting that he will come out and tell her anything like this, and she certainly doesn’t believe it when he tells her that he’s going to be a father.

And we can expect that JJ is going to find out himself. Now that Gabi knows this happened, she won’t allow him to continue to live the lies everyone else assumes he needs to live. He is a young man who deserves better than this, and she wants to be sure he is going to get better than this. It’s a bad news situation for her altogether, but it’s abou to get really bad for Lani and Eli.

JJ is an unwilling victim of their lies and their terrible crimes. He is the person who will suffer the most and end up with the most awful situation on hand. He will hurt more than anyone else because he’s still finding himself in a place of hurt from a mistake he made months ago. We can honestly say we think Valerie will appreciate all of this, though. Except the Lani part.

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