Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Paul Worries More

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Paul Worries More

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Paul Worries More

Days of Our Lives fans know that things will only continue to get worse for Paul this week as he continues to believe that Sonny’s new man-friend has some big problems. He won’t let it go, but it’s because he knows he is right. He is not someone who wants to make Sonny’s life miserable, but he does need to find a way to make this man stay safe and find himself a chance to get out of this situation. He knows that Leo is not in this for the right reasons, but he can’t get this to stop.

He confronted him, which means Leo now knows where he stands. Sonny also knows, and this could be a bad thing. This could be bad because they might change their ways and decide to become more serious if they think someone is trying to come between them. Well, that’s what Sonny thinks. It’s true that this might be what’s on his mind, but there’s very little that can be done otherwise. Leo, on the other hand, feel that’s he can use this to his advantage.

And we think he will. We think he has Sonny’s ear in a way that no one else does right now because he’s made sure to learn all he can and to play to his emotions in the most serious way. He’s not messing around at all, and we can tell this will get a lot uglier before there is a chance it gets better.

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