Days of Our Lives: Who Will Tell Hope About Rafe?

Days of Our Lives: Who Will Tell Hope About Rafe?

Days of Our Lives are interested to see what might happen with Rafe and Hope. They are set to walk down the aisle before much longer, and we are having a hard time figuring out if it will actually happen or not. You see, he was in a bad place when she left him late last year, and he went right into the hotel room in which Sami was located and ended up in bed with her. Hope doesn’t know about it, but more than a few people do know this happened.

Since they do know, it’s bound to get out. Someone will remember this happened and assume she either doesn’t know and needs to or that she knows and has forgiven him. Either way, it’s coming out and someone is going to be in trouble when it does. We have to say he was single and she was not his fiancé anymore when he did this, but it was still a bit too soon and things like that are rarely a good idea.

We imagine Hope might wonder how strong their relationship really was if Rafe was willing to accept the end of their engagement one minute and end up in bed with Sami by the end of the day. it’s not something anyone seems to feel is good, but Sami was there, she was familiar, and she was fine with it. She was having a bad day, too, and no one seems to care that she makes poor choices.

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