Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Someone Overhears Steve and Kayla

Days of Our Lives fans are very interested in a conversation they’re going to overhear that has a lot to do with Kayla and Steve. Kate is not someone who tends to mind her own business very well, and she will be sure she’s not able to do that this week. She’s got a lot on her mind this week as she’s working on her own relationships as well as breaking up others. She’s offered a job to Gabi that might put a lot of people in a very uncomfortable situation, and she’s not looking to get her own hands dirty.

But when she hears a conversation that Kayla and Steve thought was very private, she decided she was more than a little interested in what was going on. She’s got some issues to work out for certain, but she’s not going to sit back and handle this without taking advantage of what is rightfully hers in her mind. She wants to deal with things in her own right, and she’s listening in.

We know that Steve and Kayla have been going through a lot lately with the loss of their son to prison, and we know she blames him for it. We also know they are quite fragile at the moment, and this might be something that could push them over the edge. Is there a chance they might not do well with this if they have a chance to figure it all out, or will Kate ruin it all for them?

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