Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Joey Says Goodbye to His Friends and Family

Days of Our Lives fans can’t even believe that Joey is doing what he is doing, and seeing him say goodbye to his family will be one of the most difficult things any of us will ever witness. However, we have to say we are proud that this young man is doing the right thing. He killed a woman. No matter how awful she was and how many horrible things she did to his family, he can’t live with the guilt of taking the life of someone else. And it’s even worse for him knowing that his actions almost cost his mother her life.

Saying goodbye will be one of the most difficult things he will do, and his family will not handle it will. Kayla will take this especially hard as she watches her son go, and she might not be able to get over this very quickly. Steve isn’t going to like it, either. But, he’s about to realize that his sister has been kidnapped and is being impersonated by a horrible woman. That might take his mind of his son following this goodbye. But what about Kayla?

We want to know if this marriage can handle this. Is it strong enough to go through with this? Is there a chance things might not work out for them now that their son is doing this, and their lives are no longer what they were? We simply don’t know what might happen now that things are so crazy, but we also know there’s not a lot we can do.

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