Days of Our Lives: Marlena’s Heart is Happy

Days of Our Lives fans get to see something amazing when John tells Marlena that Will is alive. She won’t believe what he is telling her. She will not believe that any of it is true or that these things are real. She won’t be able to contain herself. She had, of course, hoped that this was real when she heard what Ben had to say, but she never really allowed herself much of a chance to hope more than that in the moment. She knew she couldn’t get her hopes too far up only to find out the crazy killer was a liar on top of everything else.

And how she’s got confirmation, and she’s so happy. John is so happy to share this news with her, and things are looking good for them. Unfortunately, we already know that Will’s memory is not what it needs to be or where it needs to be, and that might hurt her. She has to understand that he has been through more than anyone can even imagine, and that this is not how things might end.

Either way, though, she must be more than thrilled that he is alive even if he has no idea how he got where he is or who he actually is. And we will see this go on for some time before we suspect someone will tell him the truth and help him bring his memory back. Marlena, though, needed this good news at this point in her life.

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